Lend your support if you can

There are so many worthwhile causes in Sampson, fundraisings that deserve our support, both in time, money and attendance.One of those is Saturday’s concert to raise money for a helipad for the town of Roseboro.Backed by the Roseboro Fire Department and such staunch business sponsors as Ford of Clinton, the event, featuring the vocals of Amanda Daughtry, will kick off at Sampson’s Agri-Exposition Center at 7 p.m.This is far more than a concert, it ...

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Clearing up the longevity issue

As you may have read or seen in the news recently, the House and Senate have reached a general agreement on a budget for the short session.The final version will provide public school educators a seven percent raise on average – working out to about $3,500 per teacher. This constitutes a $282 million investment, making it the largest teacher pay raise in state history and moving North Carolina from 46th to 32nd in national teacher pay rankings and from 9th to 4th place among ...

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Reason to celebrate? Not really

Sampson County finally has a budget, but before anyone breaks out the champagne and begins the celebration, residents should consider what actually happened and how long it took to get where we are now, with a 4.5 cent tax hike and very little else to show for it.Growth will be minimal, existing problems may be patched but likely will go without complete fixes, more money will be drained from the county’s contingency fund and commissioners are more divided than ever, despite ...

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A taught experiment

A thought experiment for you today. Imagine that our state’s General Assembly decided that Obamacare didn’t do enough to address rising health care costs, and that they were going to do something about it.Here’s what the General Assembly does. Even though precious few of them have medical expertise, and despite the warnings of medical professionals to the contrary, the General Assembly adopts a new set of uniform practices for doctors. And just as doctors are prep...

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In the sweet bye and bye

In my grandmother’s time, and even in my younger days, porch visiting was a daily social event.In the Carolina countryside, where summers are hot and long, no respectable house was considered complete without a porch. They were almost as necessary as the kitchen and for a considerable part of the year became the outdoor apartment for family and friends. On reflection, I think I know that what this time taught me was how to listen, how to learn, how to live.

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The greatest of scams

Editor:The recently approved “camera stop lights” in the City of Fayetteville is a collaborative effort created by Fayetteville politicians and their Republican counterparts in the General Assembly in Raleigh.Doubtless, the law proves that City politicians are “in-bed” with their private corporation/contractor friends in the camera stop light industry. It’s a scheme hatched in the secret halls of corporate government (emphasis on private or ...

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Hats off to officers for jobs well done

No one likes crime, but everyone should like the fact that when they occur our local law enforcement officers are at the ready and working diligently to find those believed to have committed them before more issues arise.Such was the case last week in two separate incidents involving Clinton Police and Sampson County Sheriff’s investigators. Both incidents would be considered violent crimes — one an armed robbery of a downtown pharmacy, the other an armed home invasion ...

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What would you do?

You’ve received the warning. You have three choices. You can convert to Islam, pay a steep tax, or be killed. The government will not help, because those making the threats are now the government. The police will not help you, because your accusers are the only law enforcement. You have your choices. What will you do? What would I do?

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This circus has to stop

Sampson County Commissioner Jarvis McLamb voted for a 4.5 cent tax hike. No wait, he did, but less than eight hours later he said he didn’t understand what he was voting for. A second vote for a budget ordinance reflecting that tax hike was called for, and this time McLamb cast a dissenting vote.Fellow commissioner Harry Parker voted against a 4.5 cent tax hike. No wait, he did, but less than eight hours later he turned around and voted for a budget ordinance reflecting that ...

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Weighing in on state’s budget

There has been a lot of discussion and concern in the media recently regarding the duration and nature of this year’s budget negotiations. In light of that, I want to be clear about one thing: responsible governing is not a quick and easy process. When I was elected, I promised the voters that I would come to Raleigh and make a sincere effort to find long-term solutions to the financial and administrative problems that have piled up over the last decade. I intend to follow through on th...

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Support for educators a priority here

While educators don’t always get the support they deserve from state government, they certainly receive it from the local community, particularly as it pertains to individual citizens willing to go above and beyond to ensure that both our public and private schools are taken care of, be it helping to offset incurred costs or through time and talents volunteered.You see it all the time from business and industry, from individuals and from parents.That’s why it...

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A UW ‘Bounty’ worth supporting

The United Way of Sampson County has once again outdone itself, developing yet another ingenious idea that spreads the word about the needs the nonprofit organization attempts to meet while, at the same time, coming up with a fundraising adventure in which everyone seems to want to be a part.And it’s coming back for a second year.The first-ever “Outstanding in Our Fields” event proved hugely successful in 2013, with people clamoring for the 100 tickets ...

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Time for board to set a proper budget course

Beginning at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sampson’s county commissioners will return to work, trying to find a resolution to a 2014-15 budget conundrum that has left the county with an interim fiscal plan through July 31 and department heads scrambling to produce a map that will lead governing officials to 5 percent across-the-board cuts.The meeting is scheduled to run, minus lunch and presumably dinner, through 8 p.m., with employees back before the board to discuss their departments t...

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Our youth shine through Illuminate

Young people often get a bad rap. They’re thrown into a lot with the “bad apples” whose misdeeds often leave the perception that most of today’s youth are driven by selfishness, laziness and a penchant for the wilder side of life.But if you glanced around just about anywhere in late June and early July, whatever negative perceptions one might have of youth should have vanished, replaced by a new-found respect for our younger citizens, a couple hundred who ro...

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Why aren’t people better?

It was a question for which I didn’t have a good answer. We were coming back from Greenville after an East Carolina football game a few years ago. It was a crisp fall day traveling the usual route from Greenville through Kinston, Mt. Olive, and back to Clinton. Looking at the passing scenery, we noticed that there seemed to be a church around every curve as we traveled along. Then Terri asked me the question that I didn’t have a good answer for at that time, and am not sure I have...

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Clearing up the longevity issue

As you may have read or seen in the news recently, the...

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Lend your support if you can

There are so many worthwhile causes in Sampson,...

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