August 10, 2012

Land Transfers

• Maria Velezquez to Zacarias Toribio

• Steven and Tammy Tew to N.C. Department of Transportation

• Matthew and Sara Neal to N.C. Department of Transportation

• Doris Von Cannon to Donald and Patricia Clack

• Melavisedie and Mereya Barrera to Rosa Perez-Flores

• LP Hometelos and Housing of Urban Development to Angela Mintz

• Azuncen Diaz to Juan Garcia

• Velva Oliver to Brenda Taylor

• Lawrence and Rebecca Caison to N.C. Department of Transportation

• James and Pearl Strickland to Deborah and Ivey Thornton

• Brenda Burgess to Elanor McNeill

• Johnny Howard, Patricia and Terrance Sutton to Heriberto Guerrero

• Elizabeth West to Kevin West

• Joe Jernigan, Joe McLamb, Bryon and Rebecca Pope to Joyce Harrison

• Amanda and William Byrd to Ann and William Strickland

• Carolyn Honeycutt to Stuart and Toni Blount

• Charles and Mary Royal to Charles Royal, Jr.

• Rebecca and Richard Walters to Branch Banking and Trust Company

• Jospeh and Patricia Miller to N.C. Department of Corrections

• Michael Gautier to N.C. Department of Corrections

• Maruie McNeil to Tanya McNeil

• Jim Warren Homes, T&W Development and Thonton Logging Company to Cleophrus Jennings

• Becky and Roy Jackson to Darrell and Sharon Wilson

• Patricia Austin to David Williams

• Hal and Sondra Tew to Faron and Matthew Davis

• Richard Thorne to Rochelle Stuart

Building Permits

Sim Honeycutt, open shelter, 288 square feet

Myra Britt, storage building, 768 square feet

Roby Blakely, storage building, 1,440 square feet

Clinton High School, new soccer field sign

LaShawn Enterprise, Inc., new addition, 1,914 square feet

Lori and William Warren, fence for pool

Christopher Butler, fence for pool

William Wrench, remodel, 2,200 square feet

Smooth and Healthly, remodel, 2,000 square feet

Mollie Lee, mobile home set-up, 1,152 square feet

Marriages (License Requests)

David Esposito to Theresa Pittman

Joseph Gleaton to Linda Barnhill

Mare Barbour to Amber Jernigan

Edgar Lopez to Berta Gomez

Dennis White to Jameeka Pittman


Carla Waiters, male

Lisa Pearsall, female

Vanessa Nazworth, female


Barbara Dambeck

James Mitchell

Annie Reeves

George Smith

Lora Wells