September 22, 2012

Land Transfers

• Donald and Mary Jones to Camila Benitez and Antonio Osorio

• Charles Dubose, Benjamin Warrick to N.C. Department of Transportation

• Claude and Lora Williams to N.C. Department of Transportation

• Lorrie and Ricci Tadlock to N.C. Department of Transportation

• Ashlie and John Jordan to Harold and Wanda Strickland

• Joseph and Patricia Herring to N.C. Department of Transportation

• Danny and Lou Autry, Kathy and Thomas Tyler, and Andrew and Sheila Wood to N.C. Department of Transportation

• Kenneth and Patricia Boyette to Leslie Cottle

• Jerry and Sheila Ingram to Thomas Roberson

• Kenner Lumber Company to F.L. Turlington Lumber Company

• James Herring to Johnny Powell

• Albert and Catherine Smith, Garrett and June Strickland to Michael Mumford

• Donald and Judy Simmons to N.C. Department of Transportation

• Durwood Boney, James Boney Trust to N.C. Department of Transportation

• James and Nancy Johnston to Jessica and Joshua Coombs

• Jean Mitchell to Martha Jennings

• Doris Darden to Jo Ann Darden-Feucht, Doris Darden and Janice Williams

• Paula Sumner to John and Pinda Byrd

• Juanita Rackley, Mark and Sharon Strickland to Felista Zalavarria.

• Alma and Richard Case to Amanda Robinson

• Alma and Richard Case to Christopher Case

• Bettie Owens to Johnny Owens

• AJ Bass Trust, AJ Bass Estate and Michael Chestnutt to Miguel Lopez

• George Thornton to Daen Escalara and Ruben Lopez

Building Permits

Subway of Roseboro, demolition, 150 square feet

Subway of Roseboro, remodel, 1,534 square feet

James Williams, new garage, 928 square feet

Charles Lee, addition, 128 square feet

Ira Hall, addition, 172 square feet

Nature’s Way Farms, mobile home set-up, 1,064 square feet

Carl Britt, mobile home set-up, 980 square feet

Walter Vann, addition, 800 square feet

St. Jude Holy Church, additional porch, 600 square feet

Juanita Faircloth, storage, 192 square feet

Light and Salvation Ministries, remodel, 7,500 square feet

Noel Thompson, change of occupancy

Jaime Jauregui, car port, 480 square feet

Clement Elementary School, new window, 100 square feet

Union High School, new shelter, 100 square feet

Union Elementary School, two new ramps, 100 square feet each

Ronald Smith, new house, 3,395 square feet

Robert Ratliff, mobile home set-up, 980 square feet

Deborah Owen, moved house, 2,952 square feet

Jeffrey Lucas, moved house, 3,200 square feet

Elaine Jordan, new addition, 2,680 square feet

John Burnside, new addition, 910 square feet

Jennifer Bass, new house, 5,135 square feet

Jodie Weeks, mobile home set-up, 2,128 square feet

Maria Hobbs, new addition, 2,775 square feet

Nwosu Agodich, new deck, 100 square feet

Peggy West, mobile home set-up, 2,432 square feet

John Haithcox, mobile home set-up, 1,568 square feet

Thomas Jones, new dwelling, 1,328 square feet

Patricia Edwards, new bathroom

Sampson Bladen Oil, demolition, 12,000 square feet

Newton Grove Volunteer First Department, new addition, 7,760 square feet

Quest Development, new house, 2,581 square feet

Daryl Manuel, new house, 2,578 square feet

Marriages (License Requests)

Timothy Batts to Robin Williams

Valentin Vasquez to Juana Vasquez

William Peacock to Thelma Daughtry

Weston Bullins to Hannah Weeks

Wade Warren to Dora Alford

William Merchison to Tonya Lee

Ricky Jackson, Jr. to Lindsay McLeod

Juan Brindes to Marila Gutierrez

Corbett Hicks to Malissa Turnage

Enoch Hall to Barbara Ashley

Edward Mimms to Audrey Culbreth


Ricky Murphy vs. Lena Walker-Murphy

Lindsey Walters vs. Juan Vasquez

Teresa Lopez vs. Julio Zavaleta

Ana Rodriguez vs. Oscar Depaz

Jamie Lorinez vs. Eric Lorinez

Allison Bailey vs. Derek Bailey

Cathie Wilkins vs William Wilkins, Jr.

Curtis Baggett vs. Melanie Baggett


Sabrina Pridgen and Andre Montgomery, male

Dustin Powell and Katrina Parker, male

TJ Williams and Tamara Moore, female

Lionel Lofton and Shiquondra Moore, male

Vernia and Brandon Rohrs, male

Erica Cabrea and Leobardo Espinoza, female

Mintoria Smith, female

Victor Guzman and Graciela Ramirez, female


Kathleen Boyette

Ida Carr

Margaret Carter

Baby Boy Chestnutt

Brenda Malpass

Pearl Mitchum

James Naylor

William Newkirk

Joseph Roscoe

Hugh Simmons