November 3, 2012

Land Transfers

• Edward Watson to Cathy Bain

• Ruthie and William McLamb to Craig and Jason Harris

• Carrolls Realty, Joan Lee, Henry and Linda Lucas, Murphy Brown, LLC, Smithfield Purchase Corporation to Henry and Linda Lucas

• Andrew and Gayle Johnson to Billy and Debra Westbrook

• Rosalind White to Roro Enterprises, LLC

• Beaver Dam Missionary Baptist Church to Itesta Fryar

• Linda and William Harris to Margie Bradshaw, Margaret Crumpler and Margret Crumpler Life Estate

• Francis Zevnick to James and Tara White

• Sandra Killiam to Amy Thornton

• Teresa Byrd, Johnson Shelby Fowler Life Estate to Scott Byrd

• Ann Thornton Estate, Joseph and Romy Hardison, Carolyn and Robert Swanson, Eva and Warren Thornton to Eva and Warren Thornton

• Sudie Johnson to N.C. Department of Transportation

• Alicia and Timothy Sumner to Christopher Driver and Allison Scott


Maria Bartolo, Eliseo Perez, female

Nykia Foye, Tyler Bradshaw, male

Rashonda Simpson, male

Li Jiang, Jionshou Wu, female

Kristi and Earl Elam, female


Lessie Bordeaux

Leonard Herring

Kathleen Holloway

Ronald McCullen

Leroy Overby

Henry Weeks

Georgie Weaver

Marriages (License Requests)

Roberto Raya to Nataly Aguilar

Mike Castro to Sasha Carter

Joshua Simmons to Magon Denton

Chad King to Savannah Smith

Brandon Byars to Dana Carroll

Ronnie Barefoot to Stephanie Lisk

Stuart Smith to Cynthia Davis

John Autry to Victoria Clark