April 18, 2013


4/16 - Rashon Dobson, 28, 106 Brown’s Terrace Circle, Pink Hill, failure to comply. Bond $293; court date May 6.

4/16 - Tameka Branson, 32, 865 Cecil Odie Road, Clinton, failure to return rental property. Bond $500; court date May 9.

4/17 - Cassandra Elizabeth Hardy, 32, 100 Legacy Lane, Lillington, failure to comply. Bond $290; court date April 30.

4/17 - Juan Carlos Core, 34, 84 April Lane, Clinton, possession with intent to distribute meth precursor. Bond $1,500; court date April 26.


4/16 - Lula Treadwell of Maryland reported that someone broke into a residence she owns on Front Street in Garland and took a hot water heater valued at $200; a refrigerator valued at $500 and a stove valued at $150.

4/16 - Progress Energy reported two larcenies — on on Fleet Cooper Road, Roseboro, the other on Auty Highway. In both incidents, copper wire was stolen. Total value of the spools, pulled from power lines, was $22,000.

4/16 - Donna McAlphin, Dollie Lane, Autryville, reported that someone broke into her home and took a .22-caliber rifle valued at $500; a 12-gauge shotgun valued at $300; a .25-caliber pistol valued at $1,000; and a 357 Magnum pistol valued at $400.

4/16 - Wendy Smith, Keener Road, reported that someone forced open a door to her home and stole a 12-gauge shortgun valued at $1,300; another shotgun valued at $400; a man’s ring valued at $300; a laptop valued at $500; a 47-inch flat screen TV valued at $1,300; a handheld DS valued at $200; a Blu-Ray player valued at $100; assorted women’s jewelry valued at $1,500; and a 19-inch flat screen TV valued at $250.