May 8, 2013

Students in Sampson Community College’s second level photography class, Shutterbugs 2, focused their attention on honing skills they’d learned in Digital Dos and Don’ts, while at the same time learning more advanced techniques, including capturing reflections and shadows.

Under the tutelage of instructor Gloria Edwards, students had the opportunity to take numerous field trips, where they were allowed to turn their cameras on the world’s beauty, capturing breath-taking scenes, some of which were used to complete their assignments in the class.

Their final project — making a photo book of their own choosing. With help from Edwards, students learned to take their photographs, upload them and design their own books.

The class, students said, was fun and a real learning experience from beginning to end. “I’m really going to miss this class,” noted second year student Lynn Butler, thoughts echoed by all the students in the Shutterbugs class.