May 30, 2013


5/29 - Crystal Dawn Ours, 25, 115 Broken Tee MHP, Mount Olive, communicating threats. Bond $500; court date June 27.

5/29 - Jonah Dale Peques, 18, 144 Trevor Lane, Clinton, failure to appear on charges of possession of marijuana up to 1/2 ounce and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond $500; court date June 6.


5/29 - Ronnie Smith of Clinton reported that someone cut a lock on a residence he owns on Ivanhoe Road in Harrells and took 30 rolls of copper wire valued at $1,000; power and hand tools valued at $450; a corded hammer drill valued at $150; and 10 sodas valued at $5. Damage to a padlock was estimated at $15.

5/29 - Shakirah Fennell of Clear Run School Road, reported that someone entered her residence and took a 60-inch flat screen TV valued at $200. A living room window and a kitchen counter were damaged. Total damage was estimated at $400.

5/29 - Staff of a Murphy Brown farm on CC Road in Harrells reported that someone broke into the property and took a back pack blower valued at $400; a weed eater valued at $325; a 5.5 HP power washer valued at $350; a 1 gallon container of Roundup valued at $100; six 9-pound containers of rat bait valued at $450; 3 10-pound containers of fly bait valued at $120 and a post battery valued at $120.

5/29 - Cynthia McLamb of Country Manor Lane, Dunn, reported that someone broke into her vehicle while parked at her residence and took a Kindle Fire valued at $100; a set of woofer speakers valued at $200; and a purse and its contents.

5/29 - Deward McCullen of Hobbton Highway reported that someone entered a building on Old Drag Strip Road in Clinton and took a chain saw valued at $250.

5/29 - Thomas Edwards, Old Mintz Highway, reported that someone broke a house window, entered the residence and took an XBox valued at $250, a laptop valued at $300; another laptop valued at $400; XBox games valued at $200; a hunting rifle valued at $200; a Rambo knife valued at $60; two silver necklaces valued at $140; a 32-inch flat screen TV valued at $400; a tablet valued at $200; a 14-karat gold necklace valued at $500; a 22-inch flat screen TV valued at $230; a diamond ring valued at $200; two wrist watches valued at $400; three pair of diamond earrings valued at $400; a topaz ring valued at $150; and assorted other jewelry valued at $800.