Vital Statistics

August 18, 2013

Building Permits

Alejandra Martinez-Hernandez, 1,200 sq.ft., mobile home setup

James Johnson, 576 sq. ft., residential addition

Rosie Davis, 1,568 sq.ft, mobile home setup

21st Century, 100 sq.ft., Building renovation

Victor David Aguire, 1,456 sq.ft., mobile home setup

Demo old Family Dollar Store in Garland

Marvin and Janet Mitchell, 512 sq.ft., detached garage

Francis Cornatzer, 2,592 sq.ft., living quarters over barn

Michael Spell for Odell Spell Estate, 224 sq.ft., new porch

Land Transfers

Andrew B. and Daniel C. Brewington, Jesse W. and Kristen B. Whitted to Carlton J. Brewington

Bobby and Wilma Bailey to Offie B. Tew

Mary Ann Tew Rodriguez to Offie B. Tew

Sarah Lou Kirchman to Offie B. Tew

Billie Tew Jackson and William Jackson to Offie B. Tew

Scott E. West to Aaron H. Jackson and Jayna Rae Jackson

Quest Development of Dunn to Diane and Larry Shannon

Theresa Williford to Corrine Hall

Rebecca Caison to N.C. Dept. of Transportation

Carl G. and Mary Ann Matthews to Julean M. and Raynard Self

Beatrice and Jose Ibarra to Jose G. Ibarra Jr.

Beatrice and Jose Ibarra to Felipe Ibarra

Daniel Williamson to Peggie Williamson

Denise and Randolph Nelson Jr. to Eugene C. Blackmer Jr.

Craig Newton Roberts to Alan and Megan Stewart

Chestnutt Ventures to james W. Blackmon Jr.

Gerry Marcela Cain to John and Marguarite Franklin

George Wilson Family Enterprise LLC to N.C. Dept. of Transportation

Phillip Hudson to HG3Land LLC

Elease Thornton to Eastern Pride Inc.

XYZ Investments, Allen Bass, member, and Michael Chesnutt Tr. to Eastern Pride Inc.

New Century Bank to Dennis and Pamela Brame

Nancy Kollnar to Dennis and Pamela Brame

Dennis and Pamela Brame to Nancy Kollmar

Frances, Franklin, Sherry, William, and Mildred Crenshaw, Laney and Tiffany Naylor to Michael Griffin and Amy Newman.

Andrew and Teresa Loggins, James and Martha Naylor, to Barbara and Ellis Lewis.

Howard Tony Jackson to Randy H. Jackson and Manda McLamb

Carlton and Donna Lamm to Christopher and Jennifer Hardison

Deborah and Ronald Williams to bonnie Lambert

Yasuko Blackman to Burch Farms LLC


Stephanie Alejo vs. Cesar Isaac Manzo

William Dell Way vs. Joyce Howell Way

Sharon Garner Beasley vs. Rodney Dean Beasley

Amy Malinda Edge Elliott vs. Thomas Lee Elliott

Jennifer Matthis Bland vs Jessie Howard Bland


Aug. 2, Thelma Faye Fortner

Aug. 6, James Roland Tanner

Aug. 4, James Manley Faircloth Sr.

Aug. 5, Nellie Mae Fisher Bass

Aug. 7, Peggy Norris Rackley

July 25, William Hawthorne Kinlaw

Aug. 8, Frank Jessie Blackmon Jr.

Aug. 11, Nevaeh Elizabeth Butler


July 30, Raven Ciara Blue; mother, Jessica Ellen Bryant

July 30, Paisley Nyla Abigail Bryant, mother, Antoinette Maria Treadwell

July 30, Andrea Sofia Salazar Castro and Mia Andrea Salazar Castro; parents, Hector Garcia and Rina Y. Castro

July 31, Jamila Ibrahim Awawdeh; parents, Ibrahim A. Awawdeh and Tasnim E. Awawdeh

July 31, Lillia Rose Joiner; parents, David Kyle Joiner and Jessie Carol Joiner

July 31, James Henry Robinson; mother, Sarah E. Robinson

Aug. 1, Aaron Abel Garcia; parents, Adrian G. Ruiz and Laura Aguirre-Giron

Aug. 2, Cornelius Rayjean Lamb Jr.; Cornelius Rayjean Lamb and Temeka Marie Lewis

Aug. 5, Ava Catherine Elizabeth Cooper; parents, Antwaun L. Cooper and Sumer Noel Holloman

Aug. 5, Anna Katherine Simmons; parents, Adam Whitfield Simmons and Jamie McLamb Simmons

Aug. 6, Jorge Raul Pineda Gomez; Evaristo P. Gonzalez and Ludubi G. Nunez

Aug. 8, Antonio Ventura Cruz; mother, Eugenia C. Vasquez

Aug. 8, Si’niyah Lashawn Faison; mother, Ericka Janae Faison

Marriage Licenses Issued

Sergio Lino Mendoza and Ana Rosas Contreras

Darwin Alexi Gomez Avila and Ashley Elysbe Urbina Mancia

Michael Lakeem Faison and Patricia Rose Walker

Apdonio Martin-Delgado and Guadalupe Mejia-Garcia

Ernesto Munoz and Blanca Torres-Fernandez

Robert Ernest Price and Tammy Ulisa Bowen

James Dylan Phillips and Lexandria Pearl Eldridge

Samuel Ethan Woodard and Lindsey Dawn Warwick