Union takes down Lakewood in Leopard country

Savanna Pope Sports Writer

August 28, 2013

The Union Spartans take home the win against in-county rival and former conference competitor Lakewood Leopards with a 5-1 win.

Chayanne Lopez, Arceino Najera, and Michael Pineda each scored a goal for the Spartans and Isaias Campos scored 2 goals.

Lopez and Campos were each credited with an assist as well.

Frances Flores scored Lakewood’s only goal.

Union head coach David Ameen was happy with the win, but said his team needed more practice playing together and practicing as a team.

“I think this game went really well, but there’s some things we need to smooth out - some of the fundamentals. We also need to work on fine-tuning with each other, because skill wise, our guys have the skill, but we just need to get into game shape for it to come together,” Coach Ameen stated.

“We love playing Lakewood because they always play their hearts out, and they managed to give us a fit, so we had to make some adjustments during the second half and it ended up working out,” he continued.

This was the Leopard’s season-opener and head coach Jay Faircloth said he was impressed with what he saw his team doing in the second half.

“Well this was our first game, so we didn’t really know what we had yet. We experimented a lot during the first half, and during the 2nd half I definitely liked what we had. I think we’ll be fine. This year, we just have to get some stuff together. We‘ve got some talent and we’re going to get stronger.”

Lakewood’s record falls to 0-0-1, and they play next Tuesday at Midway. The Spartans’ record moves to 1-0-1 and host Camp Lejeune today (Thursday).