Getting connected with our Lord

Becky Spell Vann Contributing columnist

August 30, 2013

Do certain songs leave lasting impressions that surface ever so often and stir precious memories? Recently, I sat in a cell phone store and waited as patiently as possible for a representative to call my name. Waiting is difficult but age has taught me to enjoy the moment, even when waiting and wondering how much longer it could possibly take for services to be rendered and situations to be handled. Waiting seems to be a waste of time; yet, worrying and rushing through life-day by day- is the greatest waste and robber of memories. When the whistle blows our name and we board the train to eternity, the time we have taken to honor and cherish our Father, family, and sow seeds of love and kindness with people in our path will matter most. Are you taking time to enjoy life, loved ones, and the Lord? Yes, enjoying life is what God wants for His children, just as we do for our children. The freedom to enjoy life comes when we are connected and operating in right relationships with the Lord, loved ones, and all those who pepper our paths. Just as my cell phone needed a tune up, so do we from time to time. Cell phones must be connected to a power source and have someone operating them correctly in order to meet our needs and do all they are made to do.

God’s children must be connected to Him (our power source) and operate correctly (honor, trust, obey, and have faith) in order to enjoy being and doing all that He has made us to be and do There are so many things my cell phone can do that I will probably never truly understand or tap into because I am fearful I will do something wrong and ruin it, or I’m in a hurry and don’t take time to understand and enjoy the benefits of this tiny, man- made wonder. As overwhelmed as I get with my cell phone, I wonder how I lived without it. Surely, you’re thinking the same thing. Yet, our thoughts should center on how in the world would we make it a single moment without God in our lives. We are God made! When we accept, trust, and obey our Lord – we enjoy His grace and goodness - minute by minute - with no worry of going over our limit. We get free everything when we accept His plan - with no waiting lines or reconnection fees. . Christians have unlimited access to His blessings when we stay connected to the Vine - our Source for life everlasting and unconditional love forever and ever. His plan is for eternity. How does anyone live without Him? We are quick to share the good news of cell phones that do amazing things and make our lives better. Let us share the good news of Jesus, how He made us in His image, how He created the earth and heavens, how He does miracles and marvels man can’t touch, how HE sacrificed His Son so that we might be free, and how He longs to stay connected and have a personal relationship with you and me. Sign up today…His plan is for believers to share love and life that will never end. If you do not know Jesus, He is waiting to enter your heart. Won’t you let Him come in? Just open your heart’s door and talk to Him like He’s your very best Friend…for He is!

When we accept Jesus, we never need to fear losing power or running over on minutes we need to talk to Him. IF we find ourselves in a storm with nowhere to turn for solitude and solutions, He is the source to calm our storm. if we’re on a dark, desolate road with no reception, He is always there to guide and keep us company as we repent, reconnect, and realize He is the Way. If we are lost and lonely and no one seems to care, He is the Father and Friend who will always be there. If we live our lives connected to Him in this life…we will live happily for eternity in paradise.

Waiting in the cell phone store gave me time to ponder on the power of our Lord and precious memories we make as we live minute by minute. Next week, I will share the rest of the story that started with a song.