Owens family goes Hollywood, attends ‘Smurfs 2’ premiere

Lauren Williams Staff Writer

September 3, 2013

Owens Home Furnishings recently went Hollywood — though only for a week — thanks to the owners longtime sales of Ashley furniture.

Owner Frankie Owens shared that Ashley started a sales promotion called “Smurf-errific Rooms” for their selection of kids’ furniture a few months ago, a promotion which coincided with the “Smurfs 2” movie premiere.

“It’s one of the largest promotions in Ashley’s history,” noted Owens. “It’s really their first time doing anything like this and they had a lot of dealers take part.”

“They hand-picked some of their bigger dealers and asked them to do the promotion. It wasn’t something we had to do but we always try to do the promotions and we felt this one was neat to promote the kids’ furniture,” Owens continued. “All kids know about the Smurfs. We’ve got a granddaughter who loves them…It was also a good time to boost sales of kids’ furniture with kids going back to school.”

In addition to boosting sales, participating in the promotion also meant that Owens Home Furnishings was up to win an all-expense paid trip to Hollywood to attend the “Smurfs 2” movie premiere.

A full-line Ashley dealer for 15 years now, Owens Home Furnishings’ name was put into a hat with other dealers who also agreed to participate in the promotion and who also showed high sales of Ashley products.

“We hadn’t given the trip much thought so we were really surprised when we won,” recalled Owens. “They (Ashley) made a big production of it. They sent the regional VP down with two or three sales reps and they presented us with a huge cake and they gave us these huge tickets that said ‘premiere’ on them. We just had a big party.”

Owens, along with his wife Donna, granddaughter Piper, and niece Julia Gore, traveled to Los Angles the last week in July to attend the movie premiere.

“We got to walk the blue carpet with the stars. We saw Katy Perry, George Lopez, and Neil Patrick Harris. We didn’t get to meet them because there were so many people around, but we were able to get some pictures,” shared Owens. “I had no idea the security would be as high as it was. We had to have our I.D. and tickets. I guess when you have those stars around it has to be like that.”

In addition to seeing celebrities, Owens added that the theater, itself, was a sight to see. “They showed the movie at Westwood Theater which was built in 1935 It was old but they had kept it refreshed and looking good.”

As for the movie, Owens described it as “really good” and “entertaining even for adults.”

Owens and his family spent a total of five days in California. While there, they also toured Hollywood, visited Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, stayed in Westwood, took the children to Disneyland and Sea World, visited the Santa Monica Pier, and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway.

“That was a really beautiful drive,” noted Owens of the latter, “because of all the rock formations out in ocean.”

However, Owens added that California beaches don’t compare to North Carolina’s in his opinion. “Their beaches are really nothing to ours.”

“It was my first time in California and it was neat. It was interesting to see how people live in others areas of the country,” said Owens, “but North Carolina is home and we love it.”

Now back at home, Owens is continuing Ashley’s “Smurf-errfic Rooms” promotion.

“Ashley is the world’s number one furniture company as far as manufacturing goes. The great thing about Ashley is that they carry everything — bedroom furniture, living room furniture, recliners — they do everything,” said Owens, noting that their kids’ furniture line — iKids — is really impressive. “It’s good quality and at a good price point.”

“We’re an iKids gallery store, the only one in the area. We have an exclusive radius of about 35 miles,” Owens added, noting that he keeps about 15 kids (furniture) groups on the floor which includes beds, desks, bookcases, and more for boys, girls, and teens. “Ashley offers 20 to 25 groups so they really have a great selection.”

Owens Home Furnishings’ “Smurf-errific Rooms” promotion continues through Sept. 15.

For more information, contact Frankie Owens at 910-592-7656.

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