DOT to talk plans, possible changes for N.C. 24 project

Chris Berendt Staff Writer

September 4, 2013

The N.C. Department of Transportation is holding an open house in the Clinton City Hall Auditorium today (Thursday) to review the proposed plans — and potential changes — for the N.C. 24 widening project.

The open house begins at 6 p.m. The meeting was announced at the City Council’s Tuesday night meeting.

“As the project is very near to bid, there are some potential alternatives to what has been recommended,” said interim city manager Shawn Purvis. “DOT wanted to make sure they were reviewed by the public, where they will answer any questions. Anybody who wishes to review those changes can do so then.”

The potential changes were not immediately known and Mayor Lew Starling asked whether Purvis knew why DOT was making the changes. Purvis said he was unsure on specifics as DOT just sent the notice at the end of last week. The Sampson portion is expected to be bid in the coming weeks.

“It has been requested that they review where potential intersections are, where potential lights are, along Sunset (Avenue), and being this close to bid, they want to make sure everything is above board,” said Purvis.

“So we know nothing about it other than they said they were considering some changes?” Starling inquired.

Clinton-Sampson Planning director Mary Rose said that was correct.

“Well, we look forward to seeing DOT,” said Starling.

The overall N.C. 24 widening project proposes a four-lane roadway stretching for 40 miles, from Cumberland County to Interstate 40 near Warsaw, divided by a median and with interchanges constructed at major crossroads. In Sampson, smaller municipalities are proposed to be bypassed from the west before returning to the existing roadbed east of Bonnetsville to Coharie Drive. From Coharie Drive to Faircloth Freeway, the existing roadbed will be used for expansion.

Segment A extends from west of Maxwell Road/Clinton Road in Cumberland County to John Nunnery Road in Cumberland. Segment B starts at John Nunnery and goes to Dowdy Road in Sampson. Those contracts have been let and work is underway on them.

The other two segments, C and D in Sampson, are expected to be bid as a single “cluster” project.

Segment C extends from Dowdy Road to Mitchell Loop Road, and Segment D includes the section from Mitchell Loop Road along Sunset Avenue to the U.S. 421/701 Bypass (Faircloth Freeway).

All four sections are expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

Two other segments, extending from Sunset Avenue to I-40 in Duplin, are not being funded at this point.

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