UNC is first choice for Marcy McLamb

Savanna Pope Sports Writer

September 5, 2013

Marcy McLamb is a 2013 Hobbton graduate with several offers in her hands to play college sports, but she had something else in mind.

Marcy turned down the soccer coaches at both Randolph College in Virginia and Peace University here in North Carolina. She decided she wanted to go to UNC Chapel Hill to focus more on her academics instead of sports, and that’s exactly what she did.

As a student at Hobbton, Marcy was always involved in her school by being in the Beta Club, Drama Club, and she was a member of the Student Government Association.

Marcy also excelled in her classes and this is proven by the awards she earned, such as Academic All-stars, Highest Average Award, Math Award, Spanish Award, U.S. History Award, English Award, and even the Art Award.

Throughout her years in high school, she played on the volleyball team, swim team, and the soccer team as well. Even though Marcy was offered 2 scholarships to play soccer, that wasn’t even her favorite sport.

Her favorite sport was swimming.

Marcy explained, “Because when I’m swimming I can swim with the team or for myself.”

She described how swimming allowed her to work on her own goals as an individual, which made the sport fun, and also interesting to her.

Despite her passion for sports and her enjoyment on the soccer field, she knew her heart wouldn’t be there, it would be on the Hill in a classroom somewhere.

“I chose to go to UNC Chapel Hill because I really wanted to focus on my academics. I was afraid sports would keep me away from my class work. If it turns out that I have more free time than I expected, then I will just try out for their soccer team,” the young TarHeel stated.

Marcy said her parents, Jimmy an dCarol McLamb, and grandmother, Linda Hobbs, all support her decision.

She added that her grandmother always gives her advice and supports her in anyway possible, as well as her parents, and they are all excited about her going off to UNC-Chapel Hill.

So what are the academics that Marcy hopes to major in at the university?

“I would like to major in math, or even possibly become a double major and major in business also. My favorite subject is math, because I like how it’s something that can’t just be memorized, you really have to use it. Its just easier for me to learn math, I guess. I need the business degree because I think I would like to eventually work for the government, like with the economy,” she explained.

Marcy said she’s nervous, but excited, too, to be embarking on this next step in her life.

Smiling happily, Marcy added, “I’m really excited to go to college, and of course I have the first year nerves, but I really can’t wait to get into my classes. What I really like about this university (UNC-Chapel Hill) is the diversity of the school. They are really accepting of all ideas, and all backgrounds. I feel like you really get the chance to change the world starting at UNC.”