Viser lauded for giving park ‘royal’ treatment

Chris Berendt Staff Writer

September 6, 2013

In pursuit of his Eagle Scout Award, Aaron Viser chose to bring a revitalized look to a portion of Royal Lane Park, upgrading the park’s nature trail, creating a new sign to the park and posting tree identification signage to draw renewed attention to it.

Mayor Lew Starling and the City Council presented Viser with a Certificate of Commendation for his hard work, which City of Clinton recreation director Jonathan Allen said did not go unnoticed.

“Mr. Aaron Viser and Troop 27 refurbished the nature trail at Royal Lane Park. They put clay down where it was washing out and went back in with some river rock and really stabilized the area,” said Allen. “It’s a much better and much more usable space. It’s a very nice area now.”

The Boy Scout’s Eagle Scout Award is the highest award given in the Boy Scouts organization. To obtain it, the requirements include earning a minimum of 21 merit badges, serving actively in a leadership position and developing, planning and carrying out a service project helpful to a religious institution or community.

For the latter, Viser, son of Dr. Paul Viser and Diane Viser of Clinton, was recognized earlier this week for “his great achievements.” In the commendation, Starling extended his congratulations and best wishes to Viser “for a job well done.” The mayor lauded Viser, as well as the many other Boy Scouts who have given their time to city projects over the years.

“We thank you for your good work,” said Starling as he presented a framed commendation to Viser. “I wish I knew how many hours the Boy Scouts have given us over the years — how many thousands and thousands of hours. Thank you very much.”

Allen said the Recreation Department had received numerous compliments on the nature trail’s new look, a makeover that was thanks to Viser.

“I’ve actually had a lot of people, especially with the cross country team over at the high school, come through and tell us how much they enjoy it and like the upgrades,” said Allen. “They did a wonderful job and we were very fortunate to have them do it for us.”

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