Sampson school supply drive ‘a success’

September 16, 2013

Sampson High School Alumni Association, Inc. (SHSAA) members say they are extremely pleased with the association’s Fill-This-Bus with School Supplies Drive and give-away held Saturday, Aug. 17. Despite the rainy weather, the non-profit organization was able to distribute bags of school supplies to more than 230 students, ranging in grades from kindergarten through high school. Four college students also received a supply bag.

Organizers of the event indicated they were pleasantly surprised at the large turnout of high school students, followed by middle-schoolers.

While we were prepared for over 250 students, we did not have the expected influx of early grades (K-3). Next year we’ll do more planning to accommodate middle and high school students, organizers stressed.

SHSAA, Inc. also delivered several boxes of supplies directly to three schools — L C Kerr, Butler Avenue, and Sunset. These supplies included but were not limited to Kleenex tissues; hand sanitizers and wipes; staples, crayons, notebook paper/composition books, liquid glue; stick glue, pencil cases and pencil boxes, colored pencils, computer diskettes, printing paper, recycled paper, recycled three-ring binders, folders and envelopes.

This was a good project for SHSAA and it was well received and embraced by the Clinton community, Joann McCallop said. Interestingly, various families developed their own strategies to support the school supplies initiative. For example, the A.C. McPhail family combined their efforts and donated several large boxes of school supplies accompanied by a monetary contribution from Dr. Barbara McPhail-Armstrong; and Ms. Theresa Williams of Fayetteville donated three boxes of supplies in memory of her parents who were well-respected educators in the community, Coach Paul and Joyce Williams. Many other supporters gave their time and energy assembling the supplies for distribution. This was definitely a team effort and we are grateful to everyone who supported this initiative in any form, she stressed.