Faison Market Day painting will be unveiled Sept. 22

September 17, 2013

Heather Williams has been working on the Faison Market Day painting for this year and wanted to let everyone know who is pictured in her artistic rendition. Those pictured in the painting are Faison’s Fire Department, circa 1955, and two beautiful fire trucks in front of the Produce Market. The men pictured are: Pug Precythe (Fire Chief), Wade Wheless, Clement Shine, Jim Taylor, Ernest Taylor, Murry Byrd (Chief of Police), Billy Casey, C.B. Taylor, Joe Hollingsworth, Chester Ellis, Fulton Taylor, Tom Bryan (HWY Patrolman), Bill McCullen, Bill Thompson, Marvin Sutton, Frank Boyette, Jack Hobbs, Robert Kennedy, James McCumber, Norwood James, Bill Lewis, Gene Martin, Rodney Hall and two unidentified firemen. One of the fire trucks was purchased in 1946 and has two plaques on it — one memorializing Tom Avent, father of Kenneth Avent, Sr., who died in WWII, and the other honoring all soldiers who fought in WWII. The other fire truck is an older, 1936 open cab model, that was purchased in the 50’s from the Monroe Fire Department.

The painting will be unveiled Sunday, Sept 22, at Southern Exposure at 2 p.m. The public is urged to attend.