Abusing your commpassion

Leonard Henry Contributing columnist

September 27, 2013

Matthew 20:33-34 says, “They say unto him Lord, that our eyes may be open. So Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him.” This story is about two blind men who were standing in need of a miracle from God. They had heard that Jesus was passing by so they maximized their chance to reach out to him by faith to be healed. These two gentlemen could not help themselves so the Lord had “compassion” upon them says the Bible. Saints of God, let it be known that people will sometimes abuse you and take advantage of your compassion towards them. In other words, they will take your kindness for your weakness if you are not careful. If a person keeps abusing the help that you are extending towards them then it’s time to give them up to Jesus. Mark 2:1-12 tells us that there was a man who laid paralysed in a bed who could do nothing for himself. He had four friends who were tired of caring him and made up their minds to bring him to Jesus and he was healed. Read this story in your study time because it has so much truth in it that can relate to us today. Compassion is something we should have because our Lord and savior Jesus Christ had it. Be careful because people will play games on you and have you “burned out” emotional, physically and spiritually.

Some people don’t want you happy because they are not happy. Some folks don’t want you to grow up and move on in life because there not trying to grow up and move on, so they walk around wanting you to be miserable like them. They know how to play “compassion mind games” with you so now you’ve put your life on hold for them. These people will have you focus on them more than your own self. Saints of God, take these people to Jesus and LIVE!!! Stop trying to be God in these people’s lives; you can’t save them nor heal them. Ask God to OPEN your eyes to see if anybody is abusing your “compassion” that you have being giving out. It gets to a point in life and on this Christian journey that you have to “guard” your heart because people will take advantage of you Saints. Ask the Lord to help you discern whether or not to get involved into certain situations, because there could be some things that God does not want us getting into, because people can take advantage of your compassion!