Avery poor political game

October 2, 2013

It’s time Americans woke up to the political ploys going on in Washington and do something about it, namely finding new men and women to represent them. Most of those on Capitol Hill now are too mired down in personal agendas and grudge-fests to make decisions that are for the good of the people.

Such is the case with Tuesday’s partial government shutdown, an unnecessary act that should have been averted.

Regardless a person’s political affiliation, it should be crystal clear that tying a gutting of the Affordable Care Act, or as some like to refer to it, Obamacare, to passage of a budget is ludicrous, self-serving and certainly not done in the best interest of the American people.

Yet that’s what the Republican-controlled House has done, resting the economic future of the economy on their dislike of current health care law.

That’s not to say we favor the Affordable Care Act — the jury remains out on whether the president’s attempt to provide affordable health care to millions of Americans will actually work as it is supposed to. But what we do favor is fighting about the health care law on its own merits, or lack of them, rather than forcing a shutdown of national parks and monuments, the EPA and NASA (to name a few) because of it.

Republicans, led by a head-strong and oft-times irrational group of Tea Partyers, aren’t looking at the big picture and, in their efforts to lower the hatchet on Obamacare are hurting hundreds of thousands of Americans.

What that shows is politics over the greater good, detrimental determination over a common sense approach to resolving problems with the majority of people in mind.

It’s a selfish way to govern, if govern is what they are attempting to do at all. We question that in the majority of cases.

But before Democrats get to smug, they, too, should recall their own party’s absurd no-holds-bar politics versus doing what was right for the American people. They, too, have made their own attempts in year’s past to hold hostage important aspects of government to get their way.

One party is really no better than another. Both have short and very selective memories, recalling only the times when opponents have acted out of selfish motivation.

But Americans should know better. We’ve been down this road far too many times, allowing those we’ve elected to lead us around by the nose while they assured us it was, in fact, all for the greater good.

What’s happening on Capitol Hill right now is not for the greater good, and it’s certainly not America in her finest hour.

Let’s call on lawmakers to end the government shutdown immediately, deal with the budget on its own merits and then deal with the Affordable Care Act. Tying it all into one dirty political package solves nothing. It would serve lawmakers to learn that lesson once and for all.