City annexes church property, looks toward more

Chris Berendt Staff Writer

October 3, 2013

The city of Clinton recently annexed a church property on Elizabeth Street and is investigating another annexation that will bring several more properties on the other side of the city into the fold, broadening the city’s borders and its tax base.

A public hearing on the annexation of The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints, located at 1610 W. Elizabeth St., was held earlier this week, during which no one spoke. It was the final step in the church’s voluntary annexation request as required by the city of Clintons policies to connect to city utilities. The city previously directed City Clerk Elaine Hunt to investigate the sufficiency of the petition.

The annexation, approved in a unanimous vote by the City Council, will become effective March 1, 2014 in conjunction with construction of utility lines. An “ordinance to extend the corporate limits of the City of Clinton” read that the property will receive all city privileges, and be subject to all city taxes, upon annexation.

“Upon and after March 31, 2014, the above described contiguous property and its citizens shall be subject to all debts, laws, ordinances, and regulations in force in the City of Clinton and shall be entitled to the same privileges and benefits as other parts of the City of Clinton,” the ordinance read. “Said contiguous property shall be subject to municipal taxes under (state statute).”

In other annexation-related business, the City Council adopted a resolution directing Hunt to investigate another petition received from property owners located along Pugh Road and Russell Street for voluntary annexation.

“Property owners are required to petition for voluntary annexation,” interim city manager Shawn Purvis stated. “(Hunt) will report to you at your November meeting and we anticipate holding the annexation public hearing at the December meeting.”

The properties located within the Russell Street and Pugh Road areas have been the target of sizable upgrades in recent years, initiated through Community Development Block Grant projects pursued by city staff.

Through the 2008 Russell Street project, approximately $1 million in CDBG funding was spent to provide adequate housing and infrastructure to households in the neighborhood. Dilapidated houses were demolished, replaced and renovated as part of the project, including two residents who were relocated to city-owned properties at Williams Street, where new homes were built. Russell Street saw homes rehabilitated and two relocated as part of that project, which also brought water upgrades and better sewer service to the area.

That was followed up by a project that encompassed other areas of Russell Street, as well as Pugh Road, bringining similar infrastructure upgrades.

The city began installing water and sewer lines and renovating homes along Russell Street with $850,000 in CDBG funding in 2008. As that project came to a successful completion in 2010, the city received funding for two more CDBG projects along Pugh Road, adjacent to Russell Street. Those two projects combined to install water and sewer along Pugh Road, renovate four homes and rebuild two more.

In all, the Russell Street project totaled $950,000, including $850,000 in grant funding. The project brought 1,860 linear feet of water lines, 1,840 linear feet of sewer lines, six home renovations and two new homes to that area. The Russell Street Phase II and Pugh Road project totaled $536,000, including a $520,000 grant, bringing 1,590 linear feet of water lines, 720 linear feet of sewer lines, four home renovations and two new homes with it.

According to the petition, those properties to be considered for annexation include 463 Pugh Road, 479 Pugh Road, 416 Pugh Road, 159 Russell St. and 136 Russell St.

“All properties under consideration have access to city water and sewer, which was installed during recent CDBG projects in this vicinity,” Clinton-Sampson Planning director Mary Rose said.

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