Wake up Sampson voters

By Emily Brown

October 10, 2013


Your vote should not be “sold” to anyone seeking public office who promises representation of the “general” public but, in reality, they serve the special interest of others.

In our opinion the “U.S. Government” “county” and “city governments” are funded by general taxes collected from others. In other words, this is your money. The aforementioned governments are stewards of “our” money and serious thought should be given when a project being considered involves tax money.

Case in point.

1. Medicaid transportation

Following several meetings, debates and outside vested interest, an offer was submitted and accepted by the low bidder. This agreement constitutes a valid contract in our opinion. We come now to the vested interest involved wherein the highest bidder wishes to reconsider a lower big than the agreement with the present CONTRACTOR who we understand has completed his contracted requirements. We hope that the county commissioners uphold their “end of the obligation” rather than be branded by others as a contract breaker.

2. Enviva incentives get green light

This particular project is so full of questions as to environmental damage, capital outlay, natural gas supply guaranteed to Piedmont Natural Gas, Co.,all of which results in a grant to Enviva in the amount of $176,874.00 WOW Sampson County TAX DOLLARS will be used to do this project in the form of a GRANT. Piedmont Gas gets exclusive rights to supply the project?

In our opinion the taxpayers in this deal are not being treated fairly. Let the taxpayer vote on this issue?

William Harrison

Honeycutt Road