Concerns raised about ABC gifts

October 13, 2013


On Thursday, Oct. 3, I read a very informative article in The Sampson Independent. This article was about what the ABC board had done for the City of Clinton, through donations.

The organizations that received the money were as follows: City of Clinton - $131,200. Clinton City Schools - $$32,800.00. Clinton Police Dept. - $6, 138.00.

It is good to help others! However, I want you to read some of the comments that were stated in the article, concerning donations.

“We had a great year.” “Probably the best year we’ve had.” “It’s kind of like Christmas in October.” “We had a fabulous year.” “It’s astonishing.” “Donations indicate record-breaking numbers.”

Now, to look at a different perspective on this story (the other side of the coin). Let us say, our Lord and Savior read this article about the ABC Board.

How would our Lord respond? How happy would our Lord be? Would these presentations be “fabulous?” Would our Lord think it seemed like “Christmas in October?” Would our Lord this it was “astonishing?” Would this probably be our Lord’s “best year?”

I will continue to read the Sampson Independent and I appreciate its articles, and I respect the organizations named.

However, as a Christian, for the ABC Board to do so well, it hurts me and concerns me. People are probably depressed more these days and/or people must be drinking more!

Just thought I would share another perspective to this article (the other side of the coin).

Brenda Smith