Only three weeks until ‘Wonderful Life’ opening

Dr. Bruce Caldwell SCT

November 14, 2013

There was a forecast of an early season snowfall for our area earlier this week but there are at least 75 people that will not be affected because the cast and director of “It’s A Wonderful Life” are into intensive rehearsals over the next three weeks before the show opens at 8 p.m. on Friday Dec. 6.

There are still a lot of lines to learn, lyrics to practice, dance steps to take and blocking to perfect before opening night, but the cast has been enthusiastic and will be ready to entertain you with a feel-good musical to help get you into the Christmas spirit. Tickets for this popular Christmas show are available at Matthews Gifts and at Inkspot. The show is sponsored by Jordan Shopping Plaza and Matthews Drugs and Gifts which indicates their willingness to promote the live arts in our community.

The backdrops and side panels are being painted by Ann Wicke with help from Haley Parker and Emily Sprague. Mrs. Sprague is the mother of Rosemary Sprague who is a member of the cast of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” We appreciate these ladies for creating works of art that add to our productions.

Joseph Johnson elected to do his Eagle Scout project by cleaning the costume room for the Sampson Community Theatre, and this past Saturday he and about a half dozen members of Troop 27 along with Scout leader Jay Faison and a Theater Board member spent six hours cleaning and organizing our costume room. One thing they found way in the back and covered with dust was a box labeled Austin Theater from Polaroid which revealed a large number of unwrapped 3D glasses that were labeled 1941-1943 which were probably sent to the theater when it was a movie house and the glasses were to be used for some of the early 3D movies shown at the Austin Theater. Many thanks to Joseph and Troop 27 for helping us out with a messy but necessary undertaking.

Kaitlyn Royal, the recently named “Outstanding Teen of Benson,” is collecting food for the Food Bank in Salemburg so we are asking everyone who comes to see “It’s A Wonderful Life” in early December to please bring a can of food with you. Caitland will have a box in the lobby that you can place your food can in and she will deliver it to the Food Bank when the show is over. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.

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Upcoming events:

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE-Rehearsals ongoing. Performances December 6-8 and December 13-15.

2014 Season(subject to change):

February-Dixie Swim Club

April-Barefoot In The Park


August-Little Mermaid, Jr.

October-Little Shop of Horrors

December-Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Aug. 4-7: 9th Annual Children’s Theater Workshop

2014 Patron Sponsor tickets are now available. Contact any Board Member to obtain yours and be entertained all year. If you would like a Gift Certificate for family members or friends they may be obtained for half the Patron Sponsor price and you may get as many as you like by calling 990-1359.

Thoughts until next week:

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Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.

Alcohol is the irrigation that problems use to grow and multiply.