Vital statistics

By Emily Brown

November 17, 2013

Building Permits

Amos Blue, 500 sq. ft., residential addition

Deward McCullen, 168 sq. ft., residential addition

Maria Turcios, 1,728 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Bobby and Sylvia Jackson, 1,440 sq. ft., mobile home setup

W.F. Carr, 2,526 sq. ft., new house

Land Transfers

Dennis, Doris, Monte, Polly and Vira Hogan to Reuben Hogan

Hugh and Josephine Ogden to Frances and George Johnson

Dennis and Robin O’Brien to Doris and W.B. Upchurch

Bessie Hollingsworth to Ann, Delmas, and Kevin Hobbs

Elizabeth and George Hull to Jeanette Suarez

Janet Ellis to Lana Knowles

Gaynelle West to Bobby, Gaynelle and Kenneth West and Donna Bass

Holly, Leslie, Mary, Tommy and Trent Wainscott to Brittany and Cameron Parker


Nov. 2 Ka’iden Hasson Williams: mother Bashee Williams

Nov. 4 Gabriel Richard Bryant: parents Marcus Bryant and Natasha Anderson

Nov. 4 Nevaeh Gonzalez-Alvarado: mother Anny Alvarado

Nov. 5 Christopher Almazan Garcia: parents Lucino Rojas and Rosa Rafael

Nov. 5 Jalaiya Rashona Newkirk: mother Gerri Newkirk

Nov. 6 Matthew Antonio Ramos Romero: parents Luis Ramos and Lucila Romero

Nov. 8 Anamaria Corral: parents Gonzalo Corral and Anabel Cheluca

Nov. 8 Jamison Kahem Henry: parents Jessie Henry and Ieasha Dumpson

Nov. 9 Alessander Rivera: parents Jesus Rivera and Victoria Domingo

Nov. 10 Hayden Mackinley Tanner: parents Jonathan Tanner and Lauren Giddens


Oct. 27 Luis Ramos

Nov. 3 Lois Waters

Oct. 28 Lillian Pope

Oct. 29 Daniel Casteen

Oct. 29 Lucy Benson

Nov. 1 Audrey Hobbs

Nov. 2 Kenneth Kirby

Nov. 3 Nettie Norris

Nov. 8 Justina Farias

Oct. 25 Larry Todd

Oct. 30 Chester Hinson

Oct. 30 Rodney Rich

Nov. 1 Howard Wrench

Marriage Licenses Issued

John T. Stewart and Savannah T. Washington

Russel Joyner and Ebony Lamb

Gregorio Dolores-Juarez and Elizabeth Juarez-Morales

Donald Tyler and Rebecca Russell

Rodney Stewart and Kristy Murphy