Hobbton third-graders want your change

November 22, 2013

During Red Ribbon Week, Hobbton Elementary students were visited by the Sampson County Sheriff’s Department’s K-9 Unit. They provided the students with an explanation of their job along with a message to stay “Drug Free.” They also provided a demonstration, showing the students how a K-9 does their job.

During the question and answer session, the question, “Do the dogs have protective vests?” was posed. We were made aware that they do not have any.

Following the event, the third-grade teacher Jennifer King found a great teachable moment that coincided with the third grade Social Studies curriculum regarding the duties of a responsible citizen. She spoke with all her students to see if they felt these K-9’s needed protective vests. All students were concerned, so they decided to begin a fundraiser in an effort to raise the money to help purchase the needed vests.

The fundraiser is “Collecting spare change to spare the life of the Sampson County K-9 Officer.” Parents of the third-grade students are supporting this effort by placing containers for collecting change at their places of business. So, you just might see these containers in the office of Hobbton Elementary along with other various businesses in the county.

Students throughout the school are seeing posters and hearing announcements designed by the third-graders and are bringing in change to show their support.

King and her students are hoping to collect enough money to purchase two protective vests for both of the K-9 officers with the Sampson County Sheriff’s Department.