Information still sough in N. Grove robberies

Emily M. Hobbs Staff Writer

December 5, 2013

The Newton Grove Police Department is still seeking information that will lead them two those responsible for two recent crimes likely still at the forefront of residents’ minds — robberies at the local BP and the BB&T

“We have put officers in the areas of the local banks and businesses more often,” said Police Chief Frankie Harrell in a telephone interview Thursday, discussing what his department has done since the two recent crimes.

Harrell said officers have been patrolling more diligently in the wake of the two robberies, but he did note that stepped up patrols were common for his officers any way.

In addition, the chief said, he was hoping to get better photographs to diseminate of those believed responsible for the robberies.

“I am working on getting better quality pictures of the suspects,” said Harrell. “I am planning on working with local and state agencies to get these videos enhanced and clarified.” Surveillance video was provided after both the BP and bank robberies but the quality of the pictures is poor.

Harrell said that as of right now there were no addition leads on the case and that the leads that had been received previously had not panned out.

“We are making some progress, but it can be frustrating,” stressed Harrell, noting that he is looking into having a private agency help with the pictures, as well as working with the State Bureau of Investigation or the NC Justice Academy in Salemburg.

The strong-armed robbery of the Newton Grove BB&T took place on Nov. 13and the BP station robbery wasws over a month before, on Oct. 7.

The bank robbery suspect is described as a black male, who looks to be his 20s, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, a black and red baseball hat, and jeans. The BP station robbery suspect wore a gray ‘AERO’ Aeropostale T-shirt, black jeans, a gray baseball hat and has a pierced left and was wearing an earring.

Harrell still does not think that the two robberies are related and requests that if anyone has any information please contact the Newton Grove Police Department at 910-594-0829.

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