R’boro town board OKs new roof for old jail

Lauren Williams Staff Writer

December 14, 2013

ROSEBORO — Town commissioners recently agreed to take the necessary steps to save the town’s old jail, approving a bid for having the historic building’s damaged roof repaired.

The condition of the town’s unoccupied old jail was discussed back in May and June when town commissioners were planning the current 2013-14 fiscal budget. At that time, they decided to allot an estimated $3,500 for maintenance of the building which is located on S.W. Railroad Street next to local restaurant Railroad Street Steakhouse.

During Tuesday’s town hall meeting, Commissioner Roland Hall shared with his fellow commissioners that the roof of the old jail needs immediate attention.

“The roof is not really a roof,” he explained, describing it as “more like a sieve” because “it rains through it.”

“It definitely needs to be replaced if you want to hold onto the building,” he said, indicating that one reason the town board might wish to save the building would be for “historical purposes.”

Hall shared that he had pursued bids for the needed repair work from Roof Doctor, D&D Construction, and Residential Services, only receiving a quote from Roof Doctor for $2,650.

While the replacement of bad wood would cost an extra $40 per square foot, he noted that such issues and additional expenses would not be a concern in the town board’s efforts to maintain the old jail, explaining that the building has a completely concrete roof.

Commissioner James McLean inquired as to how the contractor would fix the roof, specifically asking if wood would be added to the roof as part of the repair work.

Instead of wood, a barrier material will be used to repair the roof, answered Hall, adding that the contractor would seal the barrier material and then cover it with rock on top.

When town clerk Nancy Lindsay asked if some kind of drainage system would also be installed, Hall said that the roof was slanted toward the back, allowing for drainage.

Hall then made a motion to award the roof work needed at the old jail to the Roof Doctors for $2,650. The motion received a unanimous vote of approval.

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