Allens closing doors Feb. 15

Emily Hobbs Staff Writer

December 27, 2013

Allens Canning’s Turkey plant is slated to close its doors in February, shutting out its 300 employees; however, unconfirmed reports from some who work at the local industry are hopeful they’ll be back at work if Seneca Food’s plan to purchase the vegetable canning industry is approved.

A local source told the Independent Friday afternoon that employees received personal letters last week notifying them that they would no longer be employed by Allens after Feb. 15. Talk, the source said, is that the new owners are likely to hire workers back but not managers.

That report could not be confirmed Friday, and a public relations spokesperson handling information for both Allens and Seneca Foods did not immediately return phone calls regarding the issue.

Allens filed bankruptcy on Oct. 28, initially saying the company would reorganize. That motion was revised on Dec. 17 and Seneca Foods Corporation officials have stepped in with intent to purchase the industry, becoming what is called a “stalking horse” bidder. Such a bid is designed to keep the company from being sold for less than what it should be.

Allens uses multiple labels like as Freshlike, Allens, Princella and Royal Prince.

Seneca Foods Corporation, of Marion, New York has facilities all over the United States, and their brands include Libby’s, Aunt Nellie’s Farm Kitchen, Blue Boy, Stokelys, Taste of the West, and Tendersweet.

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