Man files EEOC complaint against local McDonalds

Emily M. Hobbs Staff Writer

December 27, 2013

A 54-year-old Dunn man has filed an EEOC discrimination complaint against Caison Enterprises, the owner of the McDonalds on Sunset Avenue in front of Walmart. The complaint, filed in early December, states that he was hired on Nov. 18 and that he was discharged by Vivian Bordeau, an area manager, on the same day because he falsified his application, a claim he disputes.

Andre McNeil said he wanted the part-time job at McDonalds and was thrilled when they hired him, but it wasn’t long before things went awry.

On his first day, McNeil claims in his complaint that he was pulled off the grill only two hours after he started by Bordeau who told him she had called former employers listed on his application and that they denied that he had worked for them.

McNeil said ‘he knew right then that she was lying’ because he had worked at those places.

Within hours of starting at McDonalds, McNeil was released from his newly acquired job.

He believes it was retaliation for a verbal confrontation he had with someone he described as the manager on duty while in front of other employees. McNeil admits the confrontation but denies it was held in front of co-workers. However, Bordeau was called.

McNeil, an African-American, also states in the complaint that he was discriminated against because of his race, in “retaliation for complaining of a protected activity.” According McNeil, others were hired before him who were Hispanic, and he felt that he should have been hired before them.

Prior to filing the EEOC complaint, McNeil protested in front of the Sunset McDonalds, noting on a sign he carried, all the reasons he felt he’d been discriminated against.

The claim has not been settled at this point.

Administrators with Caison Enterprises, which owns that McDonalds, did not immediately return phone calls for comment on the issue.

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