New Year to be full of promise and prayer

Emily M. Hobbs Staff Writer

December 31, 2013

New Year’s resolutions this year are coupled with hopes for a better economy, losing weight, taking better care of oneself, and traveling more. Optimism abounds, and overall the idea of making this world a better place pervaded most people’s minds on New Year’s Eve.

“This year I want to get closer to God,” said Robin Chavez in an interview on Tuesday. Chavez said that she also has plans to budget better, creating a stronger financial plan for her family.

“We all need to bury the negativity,” she added. “It’s hard to do sometimes.” As she sat around in the waiting room at Fantastic Sams, she used the time to reconnect with friends, talking about her children. The ladies talked about losing weight, traveling to Germany, and visiting places they haven’t been in over 25 years. At the forefront of the ladies’ minds was keeping the nation’s soldiers safe; one had an uncle who was in the military, while another has two sons who are both Marines.

“I usually never make New Year’s resolutions,” said Marie Hobbs. “But this year I hope to be able to go to Wednesday night church.” Hobbs said she hasn’t been able to go as much as she’d like, yet she has high hopes for going more in 2014.

Like many, Kris Mitchell noted that her plan is to lose some weight this year.

“I just had a baby, and my baby is four-months-old,” she shared. “My husband and I are planning on going on a cruise in March.” Mitchell and her husband are looking forward to visiting Key West and Cozumel on their vacation.

Others said they were ready to stop smoking, and some have already started working towards their goal of being smoke-free in 2014. Plans to manage money better were also being worked on with many hoping that if they receive an unexpected financial boon they will take that money and put it up to save instead of buying more things than they need.

“I want to love people more honestly in 2014,” said Audretta Hall. She added she is focusing on her health and wellness even more this year too.

“I have lost 80 pounds,” she shared. “I want to lose 20 more before my 50th birthday.” For Hall, losing weight has been all about focusing on what she could do, and not on what was unattainable.

“I love peanut butter,” said Hall in an interview on New Year’s Eve. She said that if there was a diet that didn’t allow her to eat peanut butter, she automatically did not considered it an option, adding that by paring down — not just her diet but her life — she has made some great changes.

“I took my Bible and put it in the kitchen,” she said. “Every time I wanted to eat something I would read the Bible before I ate.” She feels that the practice brought her closer to God, and her enthusiasm spoke volumes for her transformation in her life. She said that she loves Doritos, and for her, eating an apple and drinking water before eating something made all the difference.

“I want to continue to make every day better than the day before,” she said.

Prayer and planning are the two elements that are linked together often in the search for peace and prosperity in the new year. Mothers continue to want the best for their children, even if they are far away on military duty, or just away from home.

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