Bunge North America Chamber’s Member of Week

January 23, 2014

Courtesy photo

The Chamber’s Member of the Week, Bunge North America, located at 4600 S US Hwy 117 in Teachey. Bunge North America is a major oilseed processor in the United States, providing protein meal for the livestock industry and edible oils for food service companies and food processors. Bunge exports grain, oilseeds and related by-products, mill corn, rice, and invests in biofuel facilities. The Rose Hill Transfer Facility was built in 2010 and started operations in 2011 to serve the southeast North Carolina customers with soybean meal processed at the Midwest facilities. The facility employs 10 people and operates on a continuous 24 hours 7 days a week to better serve customers. For more information about Bunge North America, please contact Mike Sprinkle at 910-552-0024, email or visit For more information about the Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce call 910-592-6177 or visit .