Seeing great things in new school chief

February 5, 2014

Sampson County Schools begins a new educational chapter this week with the welcoming of just-sworn-in superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy, who officially took the system’s helm Monday.

While outgoing interim school chief Dr. Mike Warren will continue to work with Bracy for the next couple weeks, laying the groundwork for what we believe will be a seamless transition (much like it was when Warren took the reins from Dr. Ethan Lenker last fall), the school system is now under Bracy’s leadership, and we, for one, are excited about the possibilities he brings to the table.

Though early and brief, our encounters with Bracy have immediately shown us a man of deep compassion with a great love for children, someone with great determination and a nearly unstoppable desire to get to work.

He’s said on both occasions that he’s ready to roll up his shirtsleeves and dive into his new job. The eagerness in his voice and the light in his eyes immediately assured us and those within earshot that these weren’t just words either. Bracy seems like the kind of man who will immediately put those words into action, and we believe he will do that with great gusto and an enthusiasm befitting a school system that has generally been filled with eager educators ready to tackle problems, embrace change and do its best for students.

We see in Bracy a man determined to give his best every day, someone who believes in education and the doors it will open for every student, and we believe he will work his hardest to ensure that those withing his school system will do what it takes to motivate each and every student to walk through them.

Sampson County Schools, its educators, staff, students and parents should benefit greatly from this man’s enthusiasm for the responsibilities he now shoulders and his drive to accomplish great things.

The enthusiasm Bracy exudes fits perfectly with a school system whose administrators, educators and staff have continued to show a similar zest for educational excellence for years.

Just as the school system is getting a hard-worker in its new superintendent, Bracy is walking into a system filled with focused, success-builders who have made it their mission to make Sampson County Schools, and thus the children it serves, the very best it can be.

They exemplify a work ethic that goes back for decades, one reminiscent of superintendents past, like Dr. Larry Bell, Gary Weeks and Lenker, and the countless teachers and staff members who’ve put their heart and soul into paving a path of success for the young people they’ve been charged with educating.

While we know there will be challenges ahead — a constantly moving testing target, funding issues at the state level that won’t be easily resolved and other problematic issues that always rear there head in the educational realm — we believe Sampson County Schools, like its neighboring city system, Clinton, stands on a firm foundation and has at its helm the kind of leader it takes to move the system and its students forward in an ever-changing world.

We welcome Bracy into the educational fold, and we expect great things from him. Our children depend on it.