Vital Statistics

By Emily Brown

February 9, 2014

Building Permits

Hunt Brother’s Pizza, 200 sq. ft., renovations

Rosa Richardson, 2,128 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Bonifacio Cruz, 1,050 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Jose G. Valento, 1,848 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Brenda and Harrison Hall, 816 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Alma Cromartie, 528 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Isiah Herring Jr., 2,324 sq. ft., residential addition

Ana Benitiz, 980 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Michael Brewington, 144 sq. ft., residential addition

Mary Hall, 100 sq. ft., sign

Larry Reis, residential addition

Jerry and Lillie Hudson, 1,568 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Richard Honeycutt, 6,400 sq. ft., new storage

Arthur Boykin, 980 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Mintz Christian Academy, 7,640 sq. ft., renovations

Brenda and Aaron Tyndall 1,120 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Vanessa Parker, 2,833 sq. ft., new house

Herbert Pearson, 1,568 sq. ft., mobile home setup

St. Paul Episcopal, 30 sq. ft., new assembly

Springwood, 600 sq. ft., residential renovation

Jorge Villela, 1,344 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Audrey Taylor, 3,500 sq. ft., residential addition

Johnny Powell, 240 sq. ft., garage

Marshall Edwards, 1,120 sq. ft., residential addition

Halls Properties, 924 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Halls Properties, 1,064 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Halls Properties, ,1064 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Marriage Licenses

Keaton Moore and Amy Ostrander

Jose Francisco-Andres and MaAzucena Cordova-Aguero

John Williams and Tracy Smith

Kerry Peeler and Rochele Bailey

Nathan Borgelin and Lashawn Culbreth

Rodriguea Steven and Irma Cruz

Daniel Ruggles and Lillian Haigh

Bryon Bodden-Barahona and Jennifer Johnson


Jan. 22 Ewill Junior Mitial: parents Ewill and Gidemise Mitial

Jan. 23 Aryana Marie Ward: parents Kristopher Ward and Deanna Jarvis-Ward

Jan. 23 Ki’embruh Justice Ariyel Washington: mother Lakisha Washington

Jan. 24 Aaron Ezequiel Covarrubias: parents Alberto Perez and Erika Gonzalez

Jan. 24 Annabelle Grace Phillips: mother Natasha Thompson

Jan. 26 Josiah Emmanuel Becton: parents Rasean Becton and Zara Gibbs

Jan. 24 Mariah Lanae Kenan: parents Kenneth Lewis Jr. and Erika Kenan

Jan. 24 Zoe Brooke Venable: mother Devin Burgess

Jan. 25 Meredith Esther Chavira: parents Gilberto Chavira and Emily Arellano

Jan. 31 Brinley Rose Hall: parents Bryson and Amanda Hall

Jan. 31 Ilario Renteria Lopez: parents Martin Martinez and Cristina Grandos

Feb. 1 Samaiya Taushae King: mother Senita King

Jan. 28 Illiana Briseyda Cruz: parents Yassir Cruz and Amris Luna

Jan. 28 Holly Elizabeth Honeycutt: mother Jona Brewington

Jan. 28 Jolen Jackson Langston: parents Marvin and Stacey Langston

Jan. 28 Amarri Cortez Leach: mother Atavia Leach

Feb. 1 Chasity Brooke Daw: mother Sherry Daw


Jan. 19 Patricia Crozier

Jan. 17 John Wooten, Jr.

Jan. 22 Jerry Byrd

Jan. 23 James Smith, Jr.

Jan. 26 Rachael Carr

Jan. 28 Agnes Butler

Jan. 23 Mark Kiger

Jan. 27 Johnson Draughon

Jan. 29 Donald Hetherly

Jan. 21 Frederick Bryant

Land Transfers

Bethany Humphries and Lee St. Investment Trust to Sunrise Rentals

Richard Chancy to Watery Branch

Betty and Frank Arnette to Michael Williams

Della Holland to Carrie Cooper

Cathy Henry to Maria Gonzalez and Antonio Martinez

James and Judy David to DOT

Carroll and Velsa Spencer to DOT

Patricia Austin to Madai Morales and David Rendon

Comfort Homes to Henry Bauer

Namaste Asset Management to Bethany Humphries and Lee St. Investment Trust

Bobby and Marilyn Mott to Ellen, Kyle, Patrick and Ronnie Smith

Linda and Steven Bass to Johnson, Linda, Steven, and William Bass

Owen Chastain and Chastain Carolina LLC to Tronis Ceres Prop.

Mi Home Realty and Loans to Namaste Asset Management LLC

James and Tracy Wrench to William McPhail

Edna Martin and Gary, James and Kay Warwick to Edna and WC Martin

Delores Horne to Sergio Garcia

Eleanor King to Dona Britt, Eleanor King and Linda Watkins

Bobby and Marilyn Mott to Ellen, Kyle, Patrick, and Ronnie Smith

Bradley and Olivia Butner and David and Eugenia Slaydon to Bobby and Marilyn Mott

George E. Wilson Family Enterprises to Aida and David Bravo