R’boro paves way for tattoo parlor

By Lauren Williams Staff Writer

February 23, 2014

A new business — a tattoo parlor — has been given the green light to open its doors in Roseboro. During their meeting this past Tuesday, town commissioners unanimously approved applicant Stacy Ray Brock Jr.’s request for a conditional use permit for his tattooing business.

Back in early December, Brock, who grew up in the Roseboro area, submitted a request for a text amendment to the town’s zoning ordinance so that his proposed business could be established in the town’s central business district. The Roseboro Planning Board, along with Brock and zoning officer Faye Lewis, met in January concerning the request. Following some discussion, planning board member Keith Owen recommended a conditional use listing which will limit other such businesses in the same district. Owens’ recommendation was followed by a motion from fellow planning board member Oscar Williams to recommend to the town board the approval of Brock’s proposed business as a conditional use in the central business district. With Owens offering the needed second, the motion carried with a unanimous vote. Later in the month, after reviewing the planning board’s recommendation, commissioners unanimously approved the text amendment.

Earlier this week, before discussion of Brock’s application for a conditional use permit began, Commissioner Roland Hall recused himself of the discussion and vote as he has a financial interest in the matter — he owns that building where the tattoo parlor is to be located.

In attendance, Brock, who previously shared that he has been practicing the art of tattooing for a few years, addressed the town board a second time, assuring commissioners that he has “been in contact with the Health Department” and is committed to following all rules and regulations.

Mentioning that he had noticed “a lot of empty buildings” in Roseboro, he added that he felt like he could “bring something new to the town.”

According to Brock’s text amendment application and the minutes from the planning board’s Jan.7 meeting, Brock is licensed by the Sampson County Health Department to practice tattooing and his proposed business would be subject to annual inspections.

With his permit now approved, Brock hopes to open the business on N. West Street near the intersection of W. Roseboro Street and the location of the town’s old post office. He plans to operate the business Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 9 p.m.

Commissioners confirmed Tuesday Brock’s hours of operation and that he will only serve customers who are 18 years old and older.

Commissioner Richard Barefoot inquired about one aspect of the planning board’s recommendation — the requirement that Brock maintain records for all of the years his business is open —, questioning why the town was requiring such if it’s not a mandatory law.

Brock noted that he would keep business records regardless, explaining that he will require his customers to provide identification and sign a release form before getting a tattoo. Commissioners agreed that as long as Brock abided by state laws they saw no need to require an additional town law.

Commissioner Anthony Bennett made a motion to approve Brock’s application for a conditional use permit. The application was then approved unanimously.

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