Super Sprint’s impact, like many events, will be vast

Janna Bass Chamber director

March 6, 2014

This year’s Sampson County Super Sprint is quickly approaching and the countdown has begun. On Saturday, March 29, Sampson County will be filled with both Sampson County and non-Sampson County participants, ready to swim, bike, and run, all for some great causes — Fitness Renaissance, 4-H, and Downtown Clinton Revitalization.

The Chamber is honored to be a part of this event which benefits so many. Yes, this event is for a great cause: a healthy lifestyle but also all of the proceeds will support the local program of Fitness Renaissance. Fitness Renaissance serves approximately 4,000 children in Clinton City and Sampson County schools, discussing a healthy lifestyle. It also benefits Sampson County 4-H: a program that prepares young people to step up to the challenges in their workplace, community, and the world. 4-H brings youth and adults together to learn everyday skills with hands-on learning with activities such as animal and plant sciences to robotics. A portion of this year’s proceeds also will go to the Downtown Clinton Revitalization program. However, this event, and others, that take place throughout the county, holds other benefits as well … a local economic impact.

Events such as the triathlon, The National Hollerin’ Contest, Court Square Street Fair, and other events throughout Sampson County are beneficial to many. For the residents, these events help reiterate the sense of community, create local family friendly events, and overall enhance the quality of life for those within Sampson County. For our business owners, it gives them an opportunity to showcase their business or organization to residents and visitors. It gives the local business owners an opportunity to capture a new relationship, a new market, and a new customer.

Each event brings additional revenue from attendees outside the county, creating an economic impact. Each program has its own opportunity and each designed specifically to again, strengthen and expand the income potential of all businesses.

So get ready for March 29, either as participants in the 5th Annual Sampson County Super Sprint consisting of a 250-yard pool swim, 7-mile bike, and 2-mile run. Or as a business owner, be ready to take advantage of the local economic impact. With the route strategically mapped to showcase the Drive in to Drive out Drugs event in downtown Clinton, area’s restaurants, services, and retail stores; the local economic impact of such an event is vast. Last year, with over 200 participants, about 70 percent were from outside of Sampson County and around 50 percent traveled more than 51 miles to participate. Hotels are filled, restaurants are full and retail stores are shopped. The local economic impact is shared amongst those within the county, both residents and business owners; all supporting our local economy.

Therefore, together, let’s leave our own economic footprint. Get involved with the programs and events that have such impact because together, we can make a difference. If we can be of assistance to you, your business, or organization, please visit or give us a call at 910-592-6177. Let the Chamber work for you.