Rosewood girls’ soccer tops Lakewood, 3-0

By Savanna Pope, Sports Writer

March 22, 2014

The Lady Leopards soccer team fell short against the Rosewood Eagles on Friday night, getting shut-out 3-0.

“We’re still learning, and I’m just frustrated, because we had some things working that weren’t working out before. Now some of the things that were working out aren’t working anymore,” Lakewood head coach Jay Faircloth explained.

Continuing, Faircloth said, “This game was the total result of not being able to get everyone here for practice every day. We’re still learning, and I hate using that same excuse, but we are a young team, and I feel like the chemistry is finally coming together. With injuries and having people out, it just makes it hard to put something together. We have a good team. We’ve just beat ourselves with mental mistakes, and tonight we had a mental breakdown.”

Faircloth did mention a few bright spots in the game. “Overall, I liked the way we moved the ball, and our defense was absolutely outstanding.”

Coach Faircloth added that Ashley Smith, the Leopards’ goalie, is great at what she does and that she always plays as hard as she can for Lakewood.

Lakewood will host James Kenan on Tuesday. The Leopards are now 0-2 in the conference.