A life of service to God honored

April 13, 2014

A humbled Mike Shook offers his thanks to all those who participated in the April 6 Pastor Appreciation Service that honored his over 40 years in the ministry.

Grandchildren Savannah Thornton, 11, and Kenan Thornton anxiously wait for their grandparents, Mike and Barbara Shook to arrive for the surprise celebration.

With friends watching, a surprised Rev. Michael Shooko greets grandchildren Tyler Shook, Rebecca Shook and Graycie Thornton in the fellowship hall of Beaver Dam Baptist Church.

Beaver Dam Baptist choir director Keith Pollard offers praise through song in honor of Michael Shook, saying before he started that the song, ‘Tell Me One More Time About Jesus’ reminder him of Shook’s ministry.

Grove Park Baptist Church member Ronnie Warren talks about the impact Shook had on his life and thanked him for his continued service to God during the April 6 celebration.

Beaver Dam’s Brooke Shoffner talks about Mike Shook’s support of youth and thanked him for how he had touched her own life in the time he had been pastor of that church.

Lucille Yancey, a member of Rowan Baptist Church and long-time neighbor to the Shooks while he ministered at Rowan, delighted church members with stories of the Shook family and praised them for the example they set and the love they offered that congregation.

Beaver Dam Baptist Deacon chairman Donald Simpson offers his thanks - and a token of the church’s appreciation - to the Rev. Michael Shook and his wife Barbara.