Fictionalized biography blurs line between fact and fallacy

By Emily M. Hobbs Staff Writer

April 24, 2014

What started as diary entries turned into something more for writer Patricia Throckmorton, who is releasing her second book next month. This Sunday Throckmorton will be holding a book signing for her new book, called “Sticks and Stones: A Novel of Life’s Trials,” at the Dr. Victor R. Small House from 2-4 p.m..

“I started by writing in my diary,” said Throckmorton, who is known by locals as Pat Register. “Even though that is a thing of the past now, with the changes in technology, it’s what I did.” She remembers keeping a diary under lock and key, and she’s been keeping her thoughts on paper in that way since she was around nine.

“I’ve kept those for a long time,” she said. “Even as I moved around.” Throckmorton managed to keep track of many years’ worth of her work.

“Those diaries evolved into stories, and the stories evolved into a novel,” she stressed, explaining that her novels came from those diaries; however, they only came into existence due to the persistence of her husband and children. Her family was, and is, determined to see her succeed, she said.

Throckmorton has been writing for over 50 years, and this second book is different from her first. The first book she wrote is a fairy tale about two ageless elves, and Throckmorton said the book is for all ages.

“It’s called ‘The Adventures of Ish and Parr: Land of Happiness’ and it was released in 2007,” Throckmorton said. Her son bought her two cement figures for her yard, two elves, and she based the first book off of imagined conversations between the two statues.

“There is also an e-book where you can listen to the story being read,” Throckmorton detailed.

Her new book, “Sticks and Stones: A Novel of Life’s Trials,” is what Throckmorton describes as an fictionalized biography that spans seven decades.

“The central figure in the book is Kathleen,” Throckmorton explained. “It’s about childhood stories. Who knows where fact and fallacy trade places?”

Focusing on life situations, people, real problems, the books Throckmorton said covers everything from dysfunctional people and their dysfunctional families to death and dying to civil rights and bigotry. A book with a universal theme, it is a departure from her first book, which was for all ages. Throckmorton feels this book is defintely more for an adult readership.

She’s heard two sides from those that have read it already. One side said they have had to read some and put it down, and come back to it. Others, Throckmorton said, have told her that they have read it cover to cover and are already reading it for the third time.

For Kathleen, Throckmorton’s main character, life has been a walk of faith.

“She has had a hard life, but never loses her faith in God,” said Throckmorton.

Throckmorton is a Sampson County native, and was a 1961 graduate of Union High School. She also completed her registered nurse training at Sampson Community College. Raised on a farm around tobacco, corn and soybeans, Throckmorton still took the time to pursue her nursing degree. She is still actively working as an RN and a legal nurse consultant.

Throckmorton is married to Keith Throckmorton, and they have between the two of them five adult children and nine grandchildren. She lives with her husband on the Albemarle Sound.

“April Pope, my great niece, found out I wrote a book and was super excited,” said Throckmorton. Pope encouraged Throckmorton to return to Clinton and Sampson County to present her book. Pope connected Throckmorton with Kara Donatelli leading to the book signing that will be on Sunday.

“This has been in the making for three months now,” said Throckmorton. “This is going part of the pre-release. The official release date is May 13 and there will be television commercials and a website.”

Throckmorton said the book will be available in major retailers and also from her. Throckmorton can be reached at her home by calling 252-426-5348 or via email at

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