Spin-tacular encouragement

By Chase Jordan

May 3, 2014

ROSEBORO - Students at Roseboro Elementary School were mesmerized Friday by Tanya Crevier as she spun basketballs on her fingertips.

As the balls stopped, the children leaned forward as she paced across the floor with excitement, waiting for her next move during the Spin-tacular Basketball Show.

But her stunning skills with basketballs were not the only highlight of the show. Her words were just as important.

“We are …,” Crevier said to the audience. The children quickly responded with a loud response of “Champions.”

Introduced by principal Tonya Colwell as the world’s best female basketball handler, the South Dakota native left inspirational messages and encouragement. She was joined by her nephew Josiah Crevier of Champions Forever. The family group was featured on the popular show “America’s Got Talent.”

During the performance, the duo used the phrase “Enthusiasm wins the GAME.” Game is an acronym for goals, attitude, morals and excellence.

Through a personal story of finishing a book for the first time during her youth, she encouraged the students to take reading seriously.

“Readers become leaders,” she commanded the students to say. “Finish what you start.”

Crevier said it helped her become successful in life.

“When you’re faithful with the little things, then more and more opportunities open up for you,” Tanya said.

One of her final acts was balancing a ball on a pole, which almost touched the ceiling. She translated the stunt with another lesson for the students by looking up to possibilities in life.

“When you practice a skill and you work on it diligently, you never know what is going to open up,” Tanya said.

The students also joined in on the fun as they ate, drunk and hula-hooped while spinning basketballs.

Josiah amazed the school as he rode an extremely tall unicycle, with basketballs.

“Do that with your school and chores and you will become a champion for life,” Tanya said about Josiah never giving up the unicycle.

Like Tanya, he hopes the students walked away with a message.

“I hope the kids took what we actually said to heart,” he said about setting goals. “Always look upward.”

Colwell, a standout basketball player in her own right, and Crevier have known each other for more than 20 years and formed a friendship through the sport of basketball.

“She has a wonderful message to share and it’s very inspirational,” Colwell said. “I’m thankful that our kids were fortunate enough to participate in her presentation.”

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