Vital Statistics

By Emily Brown

May 10, 2014

Building Permits

Zona Hall, 980 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Craven Register, 1,120 sq. ft., mobile home setup

John and Edna Creech, 448 sq. ft., residential addition

Marriage Licenses

George Scott, Sr. and Kelley Tibbs

Maliki Washington and Cinda Morrisey

Joseph Fann and Linda Tanner

Matthew Giddens and Rebecca Bridges

Michael Tyndal and Lisa Pope

Douglas Pope and Kimberly Lawhorn

Willie Miller and Margaret Smith


April 30 Denise Sofia Diaz Aguilar: parents Dardin Rosales and Elsy Lopez

May 2 Ana Isabel Avila Dominguez: parents Jose Arroyo and Maribel Dominguez


April 19 Ella Avery

April 26 Joseph Boykin

May 1 Emma Robinson

April 26 Avery Peterson

April 19 Kim Werbelow

Land Transfers

Howell and Kimberly Edwards to Quest Development and Jerry Honeycutt

Glenn and Minnie Spearman to Patricia Garcia and Christina Perez

Roy Brown to Sara Brown

Regina Shipman to Earl Brewington

Jesse and Penny Bradshaw to David and Julie Moullet

George Burns to Beneficial Mortgage

Poultry Paradise and Kimrell Williams to Darryl, Deborah, James and Tammy Howard

Tiffany Vann Core and Brandon Core to Brandon and Tiffany Core

Dennis and Wanda Guy to Burch Farms

Jerry and Ruth Guy to Burch Farms

Evelyn Hernandez and Benjamin Santos to Rosa and Salvador Hernandez

James and Mary Bryant to Blanca and Jesus Echevarria

Tammy Carrothers to Edward Carrothers

Deborah and Gary Martin, Lee and Loureatha West to Judith and Richard Fabian

Angilea and William Tew to William Tew

Andrea and Glenn Griffin, Bruce, Curtis, Dwight, Ernestine, Joanne, Keith, Kyle, Linda Margileen, Mari, Rosalyn, Timothy and Wanda Tart to WF Partnership