SCC Foundation mini grant awarded for nursing

May 12, 2014

Continuing its legacy of awarding grants that can largely impact the community, the Sampson Community College Foundation awarded Associate Degree Nursing instructors Veronica Stevens and Lisa Smith grants for professional development that is required by the North Carolina Board of Nursing that will also be applied to doctoral studies.

Smith was excited about the grant. “Remaining professionally active is a priority as a registered nurse, as well as remaining academically involved. I am excited to be pursuing my post-master’s education,” she said. “Upon admission into the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, my course work will count towards my required continuing education hours that is an expectation for maintaining licensure by the NC Board of Nursing. I am honored that the SCC Foundation is able to assist me with obtaining the continuing education credits. It is a blessing to know that SCC has the support of the SCC Foundation to help our students as well as our staff and faculty.”

Founded in 1903, North Carolina was the first state in the nation to have a Board of Nursing. From its humble beginnings, the North Carolina Board of Nursing has grown to license more than 140,000 RNs and LPNs statewide. North Carolina also is the only state in the nation that elects the majority of nurses to its Board.

Stevens acknowledged the levity of the mini grant. “This is something can end up having a more far reaching effect than even its intended purpose”, said Stevens. “It prepares us to bring in students — the future of health care professionals in Sampson County and surrounding areas—and make a difference in the type of training they receive .”

Wanda Capps, longtime division chairwoman of Health Programs at SCC, agrees. “I am proud of the work these ladies already do”, she said. “And though it might take a while longer for everyone to see what kind of impact such a grant will make, it will indeed make a significant impact going forward.”