A view through a lens

May 25, 2014

Eighteen Sampson and Cumberland County residents, armed with digital cameras and a desire to learn more about them, spent 10 weeks in Sampson Community College’s Digital Dos & Don’ts class, the fifth one offered at the school.

Under the tutelage of instructor Gloria Edwards, the students learned what they called “the basics” of photography, everything from the settings on their camera to taking portrait and landscape pictures, learning how to blur backgrounds and capture reflections, all while using some of the techniques they were learning in class.

Each student said they developed a greater love for photography while taking the class and a better understanding of the equipment they held in their hands. But above everything else, students said they had learned to appreciate their surroundings more as they stopped to focus their lens and gaze at the beauty before them.

The group said they would miss the class, but many planned to take part in the second-year class, Edwards’ Shutterbugs II. Both it and Digital Dos and Don’ts are expected to be offered at SCC next fall. For more information on the classes, call 592-8081.

This is the second of several weeks we will feature photos on this page from the Digital Dos and Don’ts students, along with the six second year students in Edwards’ Shutterbugs II class.