Shutter-bugging it

June 8, 2014

Level 2 photography students in Gloria Edwards class at Sampson Community College took their skills up a notch in the spring semester class this year, not only in class but also on the road, with field trips to help them hone their developing craft.

The group learned everything from how to take sunset photographs and capture reflections to transferring those pictures first to a computer and then into a book they designed themselves.

Not only did the group gel as friends, but they began to learn from one another as well as Edwards as they captured images through their lens and then discussed how they were able to take the pictures.

“I went out early one morning to take a picture of the sunrise over the pond. A group of Canadian Geese were swimming near the shore and came over to see what I was up to,” wrote photography student Donna Banks about one of her photos. In that photo, she captured the early morning sun as it highlighted the goose and the reflections in the water. “These are two important things Gloria has taught us to look for while composing a shot,” Banks said.

Another thing they all learned, said Shutterbugs II student Sharon Roberts, was to remember to look up, taking in your surroundings and finding that perfect picture.

To take the Shutterbugs II class, students must first have taken Edwards’ Digital Dos and Don’ts class. Both will be offered this fall. For more information, call SCC at 592-8081 and ask for the Continuing Education Department.