R’boro adds new recording fee for cemetery plots

By Emily M. Hobbs

June 12, 2014

ROSEBORO — The town of Roseboro has added a new $40 charge for those who are purchasing a cemetery plot in the city limits so the town administration can take the paperwork to the Sampson County Register of Deeds office and have it recorded.

“This will ensure that the deeds are properly recorded in the books,” said town clerk Nancy Lindsay in discussing the proposal during the meeting held Tuesday.

“The town before asked me to find out how much in fees and costs the town would incur,” she explained.

“The fee will be tacked on to the prices of the cemetery plots,” she elaborated, noting that going over $50 would have been too much. This move, she said, would allow them to take the originals over and have original copies mailed back to the homeowner and pay the filing fee as well.

The town clerk will have to take them over to the Register of Deeds office in person as they cannot be mailed to the office.

“The cemetary committee met after the board asked them to,” said Lindsay in a telephone interview Wednesday. “They presented to the board at the May meeting.” During one of the town’s planning meetings the issue of committees came up and the board decided that some of the committees needed to be checked up on.

People can come to the town hall and purchase a plot in either the Roseboro Cemetery or the Snow Hill Cemetery. Before this the town has always left it up to the purchaser to take the deed down and have it recorded, but that hasn’t happened in come cases.

“We had left it up to the property owner to record the deeds,” she said. “What has happened in the past is that some have not gone to record.” Having the deeds recorded is important to keep track of who is buried where and who owns what, especially if someone passes down a plot or someone else is buried in a plot other than a purchaser, she explained.

Plots are available in both the cemeteries and inquiries can be made to the Roseboro Town Hall at 525-4121.

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