July ‘Got To Be Ag’ month

By Brent Jackson N.C. Senate

July 8, 2014

The season of fresh fruits and vegetables is upon us! NC produce farmers are a significant part of the state’s $78-billion agriculture industry. In recognition of agriculture’s importance as the state’s top industry, Gov. Pat McCrory has proclaimed July 2014 “Got to Be NC Agriculture Month.”

Got to Be NC, the official state identity program for North Carolina agricultural products, is managed by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The agency works with farmers, agribusinesses, retail partners and foodservice providers to promote North Carolina agricultural products and find new markets to help local farmers.

Several special events are planned during July to celebrate Got to Be NC Agriculture Month, including:

• Peach Days at the state-operated farmers markets in Raleigh (July 10) and Colfax (July 18);

• Dig into Local Restaurant Week, July 14-23, with participation from restaurants in eight Piedmont counties;

• Watermelon Days at the state-operated farmers markets in Charlotte (July 11), Asheville (July 18), Colfax (July 25) and Raleigh (July 31).

The department offers a variety of free, online directories to help consumers find local food near them. Click here to learn more about the products grown, raised, caught or made in North Carolina.

House Bill 1220 -

Hope 4 Haley

This legislation passed the Senate unanimously and will allow the medical use of cannabidiol oil for the treatment of seizure disorders, particularly those that afflict children. Dravet Syndrome and Intractable Epilepsy can cause children to have hundreds of seizures everyday, causing developmental delays, movement and balance issues, chronic infections and, possibly, sudden death. Cannabidiol oil is derived from a compound that is found in the hemp plant, but is almost completely devoid of the psychoactive compound that recreational marijuana users seek. It has proven to be an effective remedy for these seizures in some cases where no other medication seems to work.

This law will help ease the suffering endured by children and their families, who feel that they have no other option.

House Bill 1220 was approved by a margin of 112-1 in the House and 45-0 in the Senate.


Process Update

In the past, budget negotiations have largely been conducted behind closed doors. Today, the Senate and House conferees held a joint public committee meeting for the first time in a decade. This meeting was a big step towards greater transparency in the use of taxpayer dollars and I am proud to have presided as chair.

Furthermore, I believe that we made some excellent progress and came closer to an agreement with our colleagues in the House on cost and revenue forecasts. With any luck, we will be looking to reach a final agreement sometime over the next couple of weeks.

District Headlines:

Sampson County to Hold First Annual North Carolina Corn Festival

This July, Sampson County will host a multicultural event to celebrate corn. This is the first Corn Festival to be held in North Carolina and visitors will be able to try authentic corn-based cuisines from around the world. The event will be held at Hubb’s Corn Maze and will feature live bands, singers, Latino dance groups and more. There will be activities and games available for visitors of all ages including: train rides, giant slides, farm animals, a mechanical bull, and much more. Big and small businesses will be able to sponsor the event at different levels, providing an excellent opportunity to reach out to the growing Latino Community.

For more information, contact Enrique Coello at 910- 305-2177 or Tammy Peterson at (910) 260-0490 or click here

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