Weeks family enjoys reunion

By Kathryn Weeks

On Saturday, May 14, from 4 until 6:30 p.m., Sue Weeks Butler, daughter Tammy and John Peterson and son Luke were hosts to the descendants of Ben, Sudie and Nora Weeks. This event was celebrated at Hubb’s Corn Maze and was enjoyed by grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren plus a few friends.

A large variety of delicious foods was waiting for those present, and long picnic tables were adorned with Gerber daisies of different colors.

Those attending were Sandy Weeks from Baltimore, Md., Carol Weeks and daughter Elizabeth from Charlotte; Norman Weeks and family; John Paul Weeks and wife Madelyn; daughter Melissa and husband and children, all from Asheboro; Anne Weeks and daughter Jordan, also from Asheboro; Denise Weeks Norhdurft from Midland, her son Malcomb and finace’ from Atlanta, Ga.; Mary Ann Lassiter, son Keith from Angier; Kathryn Weeks, daughter Janet, her husband David Wrench and son Zachary Wrench; Anthony Weeks, wife Phyllis, their daughter and children from Dunn; Chad Weeks and friend from Four Oaks; Faye Pearson, Nancy Dillman, Mark Pearson, wife Connie and family, Mary Jane Osbourne, husband Greg, Dusty Osbourne, wife and baby, Sammy Briggs and wife, all from Clinton; Sue’s daughter Cynthia House, Makayla and Brooke, Robert and Betty Jackson from Midway; Tommy, Marsha Honeycutt son Jeffery and family, also Debbie Honeycutt and husband, all from Raleigh, and Ray Weeks from Clinton.

Much socializing and many hugs were shared along with lots of memories of Ben, Sudie and Nora and the “home place.”

By Kathryn Weeks

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