Returning to Hollins

By Danielle Sawyer - Simple Gifts

Danielle Sawyer poses with a friend during an event at Hollins University

As I approached the grounds of Hollins, the excitement I felt was unexplainable. I was prepared and determined to begin my sophomore year. As many college students realize, there is a difference between the first and second year of college. We are not wide eyed and scared anymore; we are slightly seasoned and hopefully more confident on our future goals. I can still remember my freshman year when I first arrived at the campus of Hollins University with my parents. With a spirit full of anxiety, and a heart full of sadness, it was a bittersweet moment of my life. I did not know how my life would be without seeing my father and mother everyday. I still was very unsure on if each of my decisions were the right ones. Yes, I could call my parents and get advice but I wanted and needed to be more independent. However, after my first semester there was a change in my spirit.

As my second semester started, I had a purpose and was driven to pursue my dreams. Because of Hollins University being a Liberal Arts Institution, I was exposed to a more extensive science department, I decided to change my intended major from Biology to Chemistry. I had a great Chemistry professor that motivated me and gave me the confidence that I was able to become a better student. With the support of mentors at Hollins University I now have the confidence to make a difference in the world. I was ready to show my family and the people of Sampson county that I was making them proud of our state. I finished my Spring semester with flying colors, and I was excited to come back to Sampson County that summer to share my story of success.

This summer I was able to relax and truly enjoy my time away from school. During the summer I took a class at Sampson Community College and worked at Sweet Frog of Clinton. I was happy to serve my county in the best way I knew how. I loved seeing the smiling faces of the people of Clinton as they made their delicious, summer treats. I was also happy to participate in the College Gear Up at Clinton High School as a representative for Simple Gifts. I always love sharing my story on how my dream came true of attending college by being blessed with the Simple Gift scholarship. I excitedly answered parents’ and students’ questions and I hoped they would join our family of scholars one day. So as I finally placed a picture on my wall in my new dorm room, I knew that I was a different Danielle. I honestly can say I am happy for that change.

Danielle Sawyer poses with a friend during an event at Hollins University Sawyer poses with a friend during an event at Hollins University

By Danielle Sawyer

Simple Gifts

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