Celebrating you!


May 7

Patricia Beamon

Elizabeth Blevins

Anese Gibbs

Amanda Clifton Owens

May 8

Leslie Cottle Hobbs

Frances Jernigan

Sandra Kearns

Frederick Strickland

May 9

Theresa Powell

Laura Robinson

Lori Westbrook

May 10

Jacinta Butler

Sherry Copeland

Cindy Cottle

Louise Moore

Denisha Owens

Latonya Parker

Henry Jax Parrish

Annie Richardson

Susan Wood

May 11

Helen Barber

David Brown

Linda Jordan

Damian W. Pittmen

Catherine Roberts

Ethel Williams

May 12

Courtney Benson

Annie Elliott Norris

Donna Landes

Kaitlyn Royal

May 13

Kathy Butler

Charlotte Bennett

Imelda Fuentes

Mabel Jacobso

Dot Strickland

Kimberly Testerman

Evangelist Thera

Trey Warren


May 7

Lawrence and Geneva Cunningham

May 10

Carroll and Kay Royal

May 12

Derek and Allison Bailey

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