Celebrating you!


May 28

Mary O. Bennett

Elizabeth Hall

Ambrose Lane

Alice Mack

Jason McGuirt

Mildred Raynor

Joseph Smith

Hattie Streeter

William Wright

May 29

Ashley Carr

Michelle Shipway

Sharon Spell

Ja’Vier Wilson

May 30

Christeen Brewer

Ray Horne

Jennifer Murphy

Thomas Robinson

Michelle Shipway

May 31

Margaret Boykin

Florence Callaway

Janice Morrisey

Glenda Smith

Kelly Williams

June 1

Kwanda Owens

Lenettie Qualls

June 2

W.M. (Will) Bowden III

Leanne Monroe

Fran Strickland

Bladomero Valdez

Eliza Vann

June 3

Bonnie Bogue

Mary Crofford

Anita Hall

Taneisha Ingram

Lawrence Marshburn

Rebecca Ann Parker

Halin Pearson

Caroline White

James Williams


May 28

Jeffrey and Kim Testerman

Glenn and Jackie Jordan

May 30

Todd and Jamie Johnson

May 31

Michael and Leigh Thornton

June 2

David and Jana Hobson

June 3

L. D. and Janet Creech



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Sampson’s rare collection
6:40 pm
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Butler files for sheriff
3:39 pm
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Stop leads to house — and more charges
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