Birthdays and anniversaries


Aug. 9

Toya Aycock

Rex Bell

Ruby Guy

Jennifer LaMar

Mabel Nader

Dorothy Thornton

Aug. 11

Shaniqua Bowden

Shelby Daw

Natasha Garner

Patricia Jernigan

Clorinda Leach

Douglas Lee

Aug. 12

Kenneth Bass

Kaylie Alexandra Honeycutt

Mary Helen Horne

Aug. 13

Kristen Brewington

Elizabeth Brock

Tim Dunn

Charlene Jones

Roxie Sessoms

Billy Todd

Kristen Whitted

Patricia Woods

Aug. 14

Elizabeth Harrell

Taylor Southerland

Betsy Thornton

Aug. 15

Cheryl Bryant

Paulette Cole

Travis King

Lois McCullen

Wanda McNeil

Ludie Sneed

Connor Stancil

Wayne Coleman


Aug. 10

Jack Ray and Nancy Jones

Jerry and Bonita Murphy

Aug. 11

Bryan and Ruby Bennerman

Aug. 13

Danny and Chandee Champion

Aug. 15

Terry and Cindy Cottle


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