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The Sampson Independent

Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015

Section: C

No. of pages: 4-

C1 – No template but C1 is a full page PDF feature

CLN112815FrontFeature – Full PDF

C2 – C4

No weddings or engagements. Use content as listed, with Must Runs all used before filler content. Stories can be scattered across C2-C4

CLN112915LethiaLee w/LethiaLee col. head – 8.2 inches (MUST RUN)

CLN112915Menus w/What’s cookin?’ header – 3.2inches(Must Run)

CLN112915BirthdaysandAnniversaries w/Birthdays and anniversaries header – 3.1 inches(Must Run)

CLN112915HallsClassReunion-Standalone photo – (MUST RUN)

CLN112915GirlsChoirWilmington w/photo – 4.6 inches

CLN112915UMOKingandQueen w/photo – 6.9 inches

CLN112915Chicken w/photo – 16.1 inches

CLN112915HealthyHabits w/graphic – 13.6 inches

CLN112915PotluckRecipe w/2 photos – 17.2 inches

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